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Busy Week in Points!

30 Mar

Hey Friends!

Are you ready for the weekend like I am?
Today is just speeding by and I’m so glad that it is!
I’ve had some great moments this past week but I’ve been so busy
I haven’t even had a chance to share them with you! 

 1. I had my Last CVM session, therefore I will be considered a CERTIFIED Volunteer Manager. It may not sound like much to you, but it’s a pretty awesome title to have!

2. I’ve been working out heavily doing Zumba and truly pushing myself. I had a great workout that included my friend Stacy! He typically doesn’t workout in the mornings but did this past week and it was awesome! Julie is always teaching the fly moves, but Stacy brings a boot camp aspect and he is just someone who typically goes like I do! Love his energy!

Speaking of Zumba, I also had a fabulous time the other night with my girls Jess and Katrina and actually went out to dinner with a few girls afterwards. Great food! Great conversation!


3. I got to spend time with my lovely chica, Monique! We were going to go out but the play we were going to was SOLD OUT! We opted for dinner and a little bit of shopping! It was cool because we both were wearing eye
shadow from Spectrum Cosmetics! Here is a snapshot of us after dinner! (Excuse the hair, it’s a little busted right now!)








I’ve been going for an eye shadow look without highlighting the brow and it’s pretty cool! Check out this vibrant look I opted for today:


I even opted to use the Lorac 3d Liquid Lustre to give my eye shadow a little pop!!! Check out how this stuff works… It’s pretty cool:


It gives you a bit of shine and pizazz to your eye shadow! It gave me a lil extra umph in my boring outfit today!

 Well that’s been my week so far! I’m looking forward to a weekend of a little pampering at home. I may paint my nails, I’m definitely going to do something to this hair, and just RELAX!!! I’m also going to be watching this missing person’s case that’s been happening close to AR and wait and hopefully win that jackpot!
That’s right! A few co workers and I chipped in some money, Benson found a 4 leaf clover so he’s feeling pretty lucky! Let’s win that jackpot and split it!!!!

Until Next Time, Much Love

Have a good weekend folks!!!

Mrs. SPJ 🙂 


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