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Labels aren’t for kids

31 Jan

DSC_0349I remember when I knew something was different about my cj but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I knew he was super sensitive to certain situations and surroundings, his reactions to certain things seemed abnormal, and his language and motor skills were quite delayed.

And then I remember when I was told he had Sensory Processing Disorder.

There was a name! There was an explanation (kinda sorta), and there were wonderful people to help us deal. CJ started going to therapy to help him as well as an AMAZING school where they were teaching him new things everyday and he was learning how to navigate through his unique little world.

Ir was difficult somedays not knowing what to expect and trying to learn everything I could to help him. It was also difficult dealing with the “whispers” and sometimes “the looks” not only from strangers but those closest to me.I remember wondering if it would ever get easier and how I’d explain “SPD”, his difficulties, and all that was involved.

Fast Forward a few years and CJ is THRIVING! He’s super smart, an avid book lover, a singer, an actor, and so much more! The little boy who may still struggle with pronunciation has a vocabulary that cracks me up sometimes and he amazes me everyday.

You see, he has SPD, he’s not defined by it.

He is constantly learning, growing, and though he has challenges at times, we keep it moving.

I remember where he was, and I’m thankful for where he is today.


He’s still doing well in school, continues making strides in therapy, and is super impressed with his book collection! He also reps for an awesome brand, Se7entees,  that believes in spreading positivity with an edge! I love this shirt so much because it is a reminder that kids with all of their “special” traits and different characteristics are uniquely wonderful. We shouldn’t put them in categories or define them by their disorders, syndromes, or anything else! We should love them for who they are and be proud of them for who they are! I know I have my moments, but I’m definitely proud to be this little guy’s mom!

For more information on Se7entees and their awesome tees, visit their website.

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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