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My Random Tidbit

28 Sep

What can I say?
This week seemed to go by so fast.
A lot happened at work..
I mean, one day I had a director, the next I didn’t.
Then one of my co workers said her final goodbyes..
Check out this rad away gift my co worker Melody put together for her:

I think it’s totally amazing. It’s a “Garden” of love. On the back we all wrote our own sentiments to our lovely Jenny…

I’m going to miss her… But you know, after a week I’ve had, I can tell you,
life is so unpredictable. Things happen, people come, they go, and well life although at times can seem very redundant and as if we are all in this same routine that never ends, life can have it’s hiccups, it’s bumps in the road, and sometimes we can be sent off on a course that is completely unexpected.

So with that, I’m taking every day as a brand new day,
accepting all that comes with it, and all that life has to offer.
God is pretty awesome, so I know that whatever turn, curve, or way he takes me, it’s for a reason that I sometimes don’t discover until much later.

Today, I want to encourage you to embrace everyday and the newness it has to offer. While life can be a routine, be open to changes (don’t worry, i’m telling myself this as well), and enjoy this journey called life….

You’re here for a reason, so why you are on this journey, you might want to figure it out 🙂

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂


Reasons… Journeys.. Mini Hair Quest..

11 Jan

You guys know me.. I’m always going on a journey of some sort.
The first few months of me living in AR was a very bumpy road,
but then things have slowly but surely started to look up for many reasons:

1. God kept kicking me in the rear saying, ” I’m here, and you are here for a reason”. (One day, I woke up and finally got that.)
2. I began to not find myself just sleep and watching television all day.
3. I got a meaningful part time job that started getting me out the house and allowed me to make a difference for a short period of time.
4. In February 2011, I received a call that allowed me to start a full time job as a volunteer coordinator at Children International.  (where I  still get a chance to make a difference)
5.  Working at CI, allowed me to not only make the difference in so many children’s lives, but also has allowed me to work with some of the nicest people.

2011 Susan G. Komen Race for The Cure- Paula's Angels

Ash & Tiff

CI staff working some Hot Dogs!lol

Part of the CI Staff

Stacy, Me, & Ashten wearing our Purple

6.I’ve also met really great people outside of work as I mentioned before. I don’t usually do shoutouts, but hey, I appreciate the girlies I’ve met here in AR as well as my husband’s fraternity brothers who treat me like their little sister.  They’ve been very helpful! We’ve had some fun filled events from dinner parties, to “we just need an excuse to eat parties, movie nights, and more!







7. Great shopping experiences have equally made Arkansas an enjoyable place when I didn’t think it was going to be! (Special Shout outs to Charming Charlie, for making me even more of an accessory freak than I already am!)

8. While having friends here has been awesome, my long time close friends have also been very helpful. I have appreciated the constant communication, pictures, and messages that never skip a beat. It makes me feel like I’m home even when I’m not.  I love the love you all send me from a distance. It truly has shown me what true friendship is made of..

9.  While I love my friends, where would I be without my hubby? My husband has been truly amazing and supportive. At times, he pushed and pushed, but I get it and understand why. He just wanted me to be my best. He wanted me to be as happy here as he is.

10. My Parents. Where would I be without them? I didn’t realize how much of best friends they are to me. I miss them severely, but they are simply a phone call away. I talk to my parents very frequently, sometimes multiple times a day. I am so appreciative of their support and love. I can’t say it enough.

11. Parents also include my mother in law. She’s been an amazing friend and someone truly supportive. I love our relationship and I love shopping with her. She makes me laugh, she makes me smile, and I don’t have any horror mother in law stories. She’s pretty awesome, and she makes me laugh…

12. This blog has helped me. It has helped me keep my thoughts together, think about this journey called life, and be able to share it with all of you wonderful people.

I just wanted to thank you all for being with me on this journey. It is very helpful when you have special people around who make this journey a little bit easier. I’m so thankful because I’m starting to see God unveil things in my life that are pretty remarkable. Who knows will this journey will take me?!?!?!?

I’m getting ready to start a new mini  quest on this journey concerning my hair!  As many of you know, to reclaim myself, and really step into my newness, I cut all of my hair and went super short!

Me rocking the Short hair

The Back

I thought this is a time for me to step out in newness, and let me tell you, while It has been sharp and everyone loves it, IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!! The back grows wayyyyyyyy too fast, I feel like I’m always walking around with my hair all over the place no matter how much everyone says it looks good! Today, I started Hairfinity after hearing rave reviews and having a friend try it! She said it brought her hair back to life, making it thick, long, and very healthy. I plan to update my progress through this blog, and let you all know all about it! So be prepared to see the results, because I’m ready for my hair to grow back! I’m ready to do more with it, and I think Hairfinity is going to help me do that. Along with that, I have started using healthy hair products including the Essentious line that is suppose to be great for hair! I can’t wait!

Again, Thanks guys for helping me in this journey, and I look forward to seeing the results of my hair as well as continuing on this journey to being Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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