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Ny & Co Fabulous Look

23 Jul

Hey Friends!

I know, I know, It’s Monday! How Exciting!
(Insert Sarcasm here)

I got to do some shopping in one of my favorite stores, New York & Company!!!
When I first tried on this dress, my best friend said that it did nothing for me, and it hid my curves…

I agreed, but didn’t want to give up hope yet… So I put my brain and inner fashionista to work.

I purchased this Fabulous wide belt from New York & Company also for about 5 bucks when they were having one of those amazing sales that I’m always talking about. Now ladies, if you have curves, but are scared of dresses, DON’T BE! Belts are your friend! They help define curves and your shape, when a dress does not. Check me out now!


I love how the outfit looked all put together! NY & Co Belt, Dress, and YES even earrings! I love these earrings! They are flat silver round earrings that I happen to have in both silver and gold! I think they just help the outfit stand out! My total outfit minus the shoes, and necklace, totaled 32 bucks!!! The dress wasn’t even 18 dollars after the sale!You can’t beat that! Although I bought the items at different times, they went together perfectly! To top it all off, I decided to wear the new shoes my hubby got me from Dillards. They were $49.99 on sale. Whatcha think?

I love the style of them and the different textures and it just overall fit with my whole outfit!

It’s all about how you shop! You have to find places that work for you, and items that work for you. You also have to know not only where to shop, but when! I just went this weekend, and purchased two amazing pair of jeans for 60 bucks! They always have great prices and very cute items! Someone once told me, that they were expensive, and I think I  gave them the side eye. They have great deals, if you know how to shop! My fav store, NY & Co was having buy one get one 75% off! They are still having the sale, and it didn’t hurt that I had an amazing coupon to go along with it! I think It was 50 off of 100 dollar purchase! One reason, I love being a rewards card member!!!

Also along with my outfit, I decided to rock a bit of a golden smoky look.. I think it turned out pretty good? Whatcha think?

I decided to use my Concrete Minerals  shadow! I am now a rep for the company, so let me know if you are interested in purchasing any products! I have them featured right here on my blog site!

Well that’s it for now friends! I just wanted to share with you some great deals and a fabulous look for less!
Do you have a store that helps you stay fabulous looking? Tell me all about it!!

Until Next Time, Mrs. SPJ


P.S. – I do not get paid by NY & Co, I just love them that much! My whole closet is practically filled with their clothing!



Weekend Wonders

5 Mar

I had such an awesome weekend!
My mother in law came in to town and we had a great weekend! In fact, Ill just share my weekend through photos!

Friday night, My hubby got sleepy. Momma Louise (mother in law) and I decided to go with my coworkers Salsa Dancing! SO MUCH FUN!

The next day, after Zumba, Momma Louise and I went and found the cutest shoes! Yes they are kids but who cares?

Saturday night, My hubby and I agreed to judge a greek show and it was awesome! Kinda long, but awesome! Check us out showing our greek love!

Sunday morning, we went to Pinnacle Mountain after I suggested it!I really hate climbing that mountain but find myself doing it anyways!What was I thinking! It was beautiful as always anywho at the top!

We then went looking at cars (I will be getting a new one soon!) I then found the cutest summer sandals! I can’t WAIT to wear them!!! $150 shoes for $40 bucks?
Yep I call that a steal!

See! Just an awesome weekend! We shared good food, lots of fun and laugher! How was your weekend? Any big plans for the weekend? Not for me!!! I’m just trying to still move forward, lose weight, and be healthy! I will admit though, today I won’t be working out because I’m still sore from the mountain… So much for doing that for awhile… HA HA!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

P.S. I placed another order with Spectrum Cosmetics. Yep I’m hooked 🙂

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