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Bump Gone, What Remains….

30 Jun

So if you look at some of my posts and past pictures, you will see an unlikely friend in the picture.Yep, even in pictures of me by myself. There it is. Just sittin there…                   Beautiful Stye

I know, I know, You can barely see anything. Thanks to those wonderful people at Sephora who dolled me up pretty nice for my friend Lari’s wedding. HOWEVER, It’s there. So where did it come from?

Well there is the bright yellow stuff that is so ucky…… and apparently Arkansas has lots of it. Well it use to get stuck in my eyes, I’d wake up in the morning and it would be coming out of in the corner of my eyes. So after some eye allergy drops and meds from the doctor, this bump remained. I did as the doctor said, and still nothing! Hot compresses and all! So after much fuss and trying to get it to go away on its own, I realized what needed to be done…. I had to get it removed…. So I made the appointment…. 

FIRST THINGS FIRST… I was a panicking mess. My hubby wouldn’t answer the phone so I could let him know I was going to be late. Therefore, I thought I’m not getting this removed, another whole week looking at this thing. So I was a blubbering mess. He thought I was mad at him, but truthfully, my nerves were just bad… Then I heard it, 

“Stephanie Jones”

AGH! That’s me, I thought and then I went in and my husband followed me. The doctor proceeded to tell me all this stuff about Styes and Chalazions meanwhile all I could do was look at that huge needle sitting on the side of the table. He explained the process but really I wanted to say,

“Doctor dude, I really don’t care, just remove it… You explaining it makes me NOT want to get it done!”

Anywho, the needle cae first. Let me tell you, that Needle didn’t feel to great…. I felt my lip shivering and then the nice nurse lady rubbed my hand. It was as if she could sense my uncomfortableness (if that’s even a word)….It seemed as if everytime I was nervous, there was her hand…So basically they covered my face with this plastic sheet and then came the clamp. Honestly, that is the worst part of all… That clamp is just like pinching your eyelid the whole time. It’s not nerve aching pain but it pinches and doesn’t feel that great. So then they started to remove the cyst. It was like the weirdest thing ever. I felt them tugging but it didn’t hurt. All I could think of was the pain of that darn clamp and when they were going to take it off. 

Then my husband and the doctor are having these simple conversations. But the worst part of it all was the doctors humming. I mean this dude was humming like he was winning a prize. Here he is practically digging in my eyelid and what do I hear?

“Hmmm hmm hmmm hmmm” In all these wierd different tones… So glad the nice nurse lady was there to rub my hand because I was a bit freaked out. I heard them keep saying I was bleeding a lot, but that the stye was practically removed. Hence, me after the jump:

                        Not Happy, One Eyed Bandit

                                      Not Happy, One Eyed Bandit 

Did I mention afterwards the THROBBING PAIN? It was like the numbness wore off quickly and I was VERY unhappy about it. Hubby kept saying, they took a knife to your eye. I wanted to say “REALLY” (sarcastically) but I kept it to myself. I just knew it hurt and I wanted it to stop! 

                         Stitched Up

Here my poor eye remains. Stitched up. Honestly it wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t the greatest thing either. Not to mention, the eyelid is very thin skin and these stitches keep bothering me! I go back Tuesday to get them removed and I can’t wait!!!! I asked hubby to get me some Tylenol like the doctor said, but of course he buys the P.M. kind because he wants me to do nothing but sleep……

So Hopefully it heals nicely. Just thankful the bump is gone. We will have to see what remains.

Ill keep you posted!

Until Next Time, MUCH LOVE!

Mrs. SPJ 🙂 

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