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Fabulous Hair!

24 Jul

Hey Friends!

I must tell you,  I’m enjoying this Hair Journey I’ve been on lately.
I’ve been taking Hairfinity for close to 5 1/2 months and loving the progress! I know you guys hear me talk about it often, but I get so many emails, questions, etc in regards to my hair, I figured the best way to keep you updated was to make post from time to time about my hair. So currently this is where I’m at with my hair:

Before Hairfinity

5 months w/ Hairfinity

As you can see, it’s much shinier, healthier, and it’s getting to the length I’ve been longing for!

I continue to use the Essentious Products and keep various oils within my reach! My favorite are Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Coconut Oil. I use the coconut oil the most, but use the others when I want to change it up from time to time!

My hair stylist encouraged me to get layers the last time I went, but the idea of cutting my hair was quite frightening (especially since I’m trying to grow it out!) After thinking about it, I realized she wanted me to get layers to give my hair a little bit more body, but keep my length. So it was a bit longer but I got a few layers and she made it quite even. Whatcha think?


For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you saw it first!

Instagram @MrsSpj

My husband tried to be funny once and say, well of course your hair is going to grow after 5 1/2 months. NO. He is Incorrect. The year before when I first cut my hair, I cut it very short.

April 2011

Compare that to when I started Hairfinity in January. I cut my hair only twice between this time and they were very small trimmings. If you compare this picture to when I started Hairfinity In January, you can see the difference that Hairfinity has made in my hair growth journey!

I’m just truly grateful and will continue to do what I can to take care of my hair and keep it healthy! I’m currently working on getting some protective styles to help it grow longer in the fall. I currently have not been taking hairfinity for the last few weeks due to running out but please believe there is another set of pills on the way! In the meantime, I’m keeping myself and my hair Healthy!!! I think the auto send program with Hairfinity is the best, because if you forget (like i did), the company doesn’t,and your Hair Vitamins are still on the way!!!

Just something to keep in mind!!!

I will continue to update you guys periodically from time to time on my Hair Journey! If you want to follow my journey along with receiving my hair and beauty tips, please do not hesitate to like MrsSPJ on facebook!!!!

Until Next Time, Mrs SPJ 🙂

Beauty Weekend Pt 1

11 Jun

Hey Friends!

I had such a great weekend!
I spent time with the hubby, but more importantly, I spent some true quality time with me!
I did a lil shopping, and I was so grateful that Saturday started off with me opening, My  Shade of Brown Pillow Box!

 I was so happy to receive this subscription box, and out of all of the ones I’ve subscribed to, I must tell you this is by far my favorite!

My Shade of Brown is a company focused on delivering premium samples to women of color! For my first box, I got some great items:

Amazing Botanicals Poo Sample
NouriShea Mango Conditioner 
Komplex Blends Cosmetics Lipstick
Pookah Shea & Olive HairButter

Well, being that my hair needed to be washed, I thought, why not try out these products that came in the box! I might add though that despite my hair being dirty, I noticed a natural shine and fullness to my hair thanks to Hairfinity and Essentious!

I love my Essentious Products, but it doesn’t hurt to try other products as well! I decided I would Shampoo and condition my hair and add a rosewood brown rinse to it.

What did I think of the products?

(Rinse not included in pillow box)

Amazing Botanicals  Black Soap Poo- It freaked me out a bit at first, I mean, the scent was a bit strong and well it looked like.. uh…

However, it did a great job of cleaning my hair. You only need 2 oz of this stuff and it cleans the hair and gives it a natural shine!!  I think I may have used a bit much but it doesn’t require much to do the job!

Afterwards, I decided to use the rinse just to give my hair a darker but nice color. I put the rinse in my hair and let it sit for about 20 minutes with an additional 5 minutes under the dryer.

Afterwards, I put the NouriShea Mango conditioner in my hair. It definitely hydrated my hair and made it feel wonderful! Afterwards, I sat under the dryer and it was getting so hot I knew it was time for me to call it a night. I woke up, and after unwrapping my hair this is is what was left:

I immediately put some heat on it, and I must tell you the natural shine and final product, I’m truly proud of:

Although I’m still a fan of my Essentious products, I can’t knock that these other products definitely do work! I’m going to continue on my hair growth journey, taking Hairfinity Vitamins daily (Starting my next bottle soon!), and striving to have long healthy hair (That is until I decide to have a lil one)

As they always say, Happy Hair Growing! I will tell you more about my beauty weekend this week!

Are you interested in signing up for My Shade of Brown? You should!!! You can sign up for an affordable price! Just go to My Shade Of Brown’s official Website! Tell them Mrs. SPJ sent ya!
Until Next Time, Much Love, Mrs. SPJ 🙂


21 May

Hey Guys!

Sorry, it’s been a few days since I’ve posted!
I’ve been really busy with work and too tired at work to even comment,
BUT I wanted to give you all a Hair Update!
Many of you know how hard it is to grow out a cut, and I’m happy to say
with great hair care and Hairfinity, I’m finally getting to a point where I’m embracing my hair!

So for those of you who have been following my progress, I just recently got a relaxer! I wanted to show you my progress from my 1st relaxer before starting Hairfinity until now

Relaxer BEFORE Hairfinity

Before really developing a great Hair Regimen, and dealing with a short cut I didn’t know WHAT to do with, I realized short hair was not for me. Yes it was cute, but I didn’t know how to manage it, and this made it disastrous for me. I decided it was time for me to grow my hair out and really learn how to take care of my hair. Now, I’m in my 4th month of Hairfinity, and just got a relaxer. Since I’ve started taking care of my hair, I’m now growing healthy hair and loving it!!!!!

In my 4th month of Hairfinity AFTER Relaxer

Sorry, I’m not smiling in my most recent photo! I was tired! Long day of working and getting hair done, but look at all that hair growth! It usually takes me forever to grow out my hair and in a short time, I was able to grow it longer than I even expected! The cool thing is, this is my hair growing out on top of having to get it cut a few times so that the cut would grow out properly! I’m telling you ladies, you take the time to truly care for your hair, make sure it’s moisturized and you aren’t using harsh chemicals on your hair, you will see growth and a change in the strength and overall feeling of your hair! I’m hoping to continue on my hair journey and to grow my hair out and eventually let the tapered back section of my hair grow out. It has grown out tremendously but being that my hair was still short in the back I had to keep it cut down a bit!

I’m truly happy with my progress and willing to help any of you that are interested to see progress as well! Do you have any hair questions? I’d be more than willing to answer them!

Until Next Time, Much Love, MRS. SPJ:)

Hair Products:
Essentious Hair Products
Organic Cocnut Oil
Argan Oil
Mizani Relaxer (every 6-8 weeks)


Happenings & hair!

7 May

So much has happened since I last posted!!!

1. I received my Certification in Volunteer Management! I’ve already received my B.A. and M.A. so, I’m excited to add something more to my level of knowledge! They had a wonderful graduation feast and I had lots of fun!

2. I was a chaperone for my job’s Mega Party! We had lots of fun and I decided not to workout that morning! Boy was that a good call, being the fact I walked nonstop with 4 cute 2nd graders!

3. I celebrated Cinco De Mayo with some delicious Mexican food from Santo Coyote! Love that place!

4. UPDATE-For the first time ever, I pre-shampooed my hair, and let me tell you, I will ALWAYS do this from now on. Pre-shampooing or Pre-poo as some call it, is a treatment that you do to your hair before you shampoo. Hairfinity, reveals in their Faster Hair Growth Secrets, that it can help infuse your hair with moisture! Since I have all of the Essentious products (minus the daily moisturizer), I decided to give it a try. I decided to Pre-Shampoo my hair with Organic coconut oil. I applied it to my hair and left it on with a plastic cap about 45 minutes (Typically you should only do 30 min, but I lost track of time).

Afterwards, I rinsed my hair a bit, then proceeded to shampoo my hair. Following washing my hair, I gave myself a protein treatment, and sat under the dryer with a cap on my hair for 20 minutes. Afterwards, I followed with a moisture treatment. You all may be wondering why I did so much, but you have to remember I constantly do Zumba about 4 times a week and I spend this Friday in the sun, with a hat on my head and it was 90 degrees outside. When I got home, my hair felt dead and lifeless. It was very dry and felt kind of brittle. Therefore both protein and moisture were lacking in my hair!

I moved forward with my moisturizing treatment for 15 minutes, and then rinsed my hair out. I then got under the dryer for a lil bit after wrapping it, to start drying my hair. My hair is very thick and I sometimes don’t like the look of it, after getting from up under the dryer, so I put a heat protectant on my hair, and decided to blow dry it for 10 minutes. Typically not something I would do in trying to get my hair healthy, but hey, we all have to do what we have to do that works best for us! I decided to run my flat-iron over a few of my ends just to give it a bump.

Let me tell you.

I was pleasantly pleased with my results! Because it was late, I didn’t think to take a picture just then, but I did the next day!

The previous picture shows my hair WITHOUT any heat being put on it the next day NOR any product. Now you guys may so, of course you didn’t put anything on your hair you just washed it the day before! But let’s be honest and real, when you have dry hair, you typically ALWAYS have to put something on your hair, always do something to your hair, but what it comes down to is the healthy regimen you’ve adapted for your hair. Here is one up close:

That’s the natural shine from using products that are suited for my hair, and making sure to take care of my hair! Usually I could only get a look like this using lots of heavy products or going to the salon. If you invest in the right products you can get healthy looking hair yourself! I’m still taking Hairfinity (just started my 4th bottle) and looking forward to even more growth! I’m having fun on this hair journey!!!

Just wanted to share with you all an update, and inspire you to stop paying all these ridiculous prices to go to the salon and take healthy hair into your own hands rather it’s relaxed or not!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

P.S.-Do you have any hair tips?

Tired Tuesday, Fab Hair!

24 Apr

Yep that’s it!
I’m feeling super duper tired today! I’ve just been so super busy at work, I just can’t seem to get myself together! I pushed myself really hard in Zumba and that may have a lot to do with it, but also at work, I was moving boxes, and it just put me a lil beyond tired last night. I remember going up to the bedroom and laying down on the bed for a second. Before I knew it, it was 6am this morning!!! That goes to show you exactly how tired I was!

On another note, I’m still working hard to take care of this hair of mine! I’m still taking those Hairfinity pills, and getting ready to order another bottle. I think it’s an overall awesome Vitamin, and it’s just a plus that it is helping my hair grow back! Here I am at the end of my 3rd month, and I’m still pleased with the results! Check me out:

Before Hairfinity

Finishing my 3rd bottle

Although my hair is a bit on the wild side in the last picture, you can truly see that it has grown! I have even added a bit of color to it to make it darker! It’s fuller and much healthier than it was in the previous picture! My goal has been to really grow out this haircut and see what I can do with my hair! I’ve continued to use the Essentious Line of products (love them) and they truly work! They keep your hair clean and moisturized without stripping the hair of it’s natural oils! Due to me working out so much, I make sure to keep my hair wrapped during workouts and that is under a silk scarf. After I leave the gym, I make sure that my hair is dry and I put coconut oil on it as well.

Ladies, as always you can still get your Free Hair Regimen! AT NO COST TO YOU! and YES, this is for ALL Hair types! All you have to do is go here:
Free Hair Care Regimen

You know I’m constantly looking out for my lovely ladies! That is why I was so happy to giveaway some eye shadow to you all on Friday! I promise you, I love giveaways and will be doing them from time to time!

What is your go to hairstyle? How do you take care of your hair? I would love to know!

Until Next Time, Much Love, MRS. SPJ 🙂

Happy Healthy Hair Growing 🙂

Hair Results are In

10 Feb

As many of you know, in April of last year, I decided that I needed a change and cut my hair extremely short. I kept it short for awhile to claim a new look and new style, but after rocking it for about 6 months, I decided, that I was ready for my hair to be at least a little bit longer so that I could manage it! I don’t do well with short hair! Yes people tell me it’s cute, It fits me, BUT they don’t realize all that I have to go through to get it to look good! There have been days that I rocked a hat not because it’s cute but because I DARE NOT go out in public with my hair looking a hot mess! So the results are in:

Hairfinity Results

If you look at the picture, you can tell I experienced quite some growth for only one month! I noticed my sides and front were getting longer, and areas where my hair was thin were starting to fill in! The back of my hair grew extremely and I’m very excited about that! I can’t wait to see what happens in my Second month! I made sure that I recieved a free healthy hair consultation first at Hairfinity’s Website. After finding a lot of healthy hair tips on their website, I decided to start using the Essentious Hair Products and Organic Cocunut Oil on my hair.

My Hair Care Regimen

I’m trying to use less heat on my hair and I’ve been washing my hair weekly with Essentiou’s Gentle Shampoo and using their Moisture Treatment alternating between that and protein treatments. I must tell you, I love Essentious’s Products! They smell like candy to me, and I can feel the difference in my hair after using them. My hair is softer, and I love the light scent. It keeps your hair manageable and it gets the job done. Along with Essentious Hair Care Products, from time to time I still use Chi’s Keratin Mist because it works wonders on my hair! For a daily moisturizer I’ve been using Organic Cocunut Oil which provides my hair with a natural shine that I just love! IF and that’s a BIG IF I use heat, I make sure that I am using a Heat Protectant. I prefer to use Silk Elements MegaSilk Heat protectant. When I’m in need of a protein treatment, I use Ion’s Reconstructor Protein Treatment that can be found at your local Sally’s Beauty Supply.

So far I’m impressed with my results, and know that just taking additional care of my hair I will see lots of growth! I just wanted to stress ladies how important it is to take care of your hair and keeping it healthy! Hairfinity and Essentious Hair Care Products work on ALL ethnicities, you just have to find a hair regimen that works for you and make sure you aren’t using products that can be harmful to your hair! You would be shocked at what is in some of today’s shampoos and conditioners! I know that it is time for me to get my ends clipped so that I can continue to grow my hair healthy!

So I’ve taken my last 2 hairfinity pills of the month, but no worries, My other bottle is already here and I plan to start them tomorrow! I’m so happy with my progress, and I know before long, Ill have the healthy longer hair that I desire!!!! I definitely think it is worth it to invest in Hairfinity and Essentious Products! They may seem a bit pricey to some, but they work! Trust Me! If you can commit to keeping your hair healthy with the right balance of protein and moisture, keeping it clean, and getting your hair trimmed in the case of split ends, it will work! Remember, your hair can’t truly grow to it’s full potential if it isn’t healthy!

Have a good weekend folks, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, Ill do my best to answer them!
Until Next Time, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

P.S. Doesn’t my eye shadow look amazing today? I call it the “Valencia” or Mardi Gras look! It’s a combination of Purple, Green, and Gold! Everything my bff and Mardi Gras stands for!

My "Valencia"/ "Mardi Gras" look!

Reasons… Journeys.. Mini Hair Quest..

11 Jan

You guys know me.. I’m always going on a journey of some sort.
The first few months of me living in AR was a very bumpy road,
but then things have slowly but surely started to look up for many reasons:

1. God kept kicking me in the rear saying, ” I’m here, and you are here for a reason”. (One day, I woke up and finally got that.)
2. I began to not find myself just sleep and watching television all day.
3. I got a meaningful part time job that started getting me out the house and allowed me to make a difference for a short period of time.
4. In February 2011, I received a call that allowed me to start a full time job as a volunteer coordinator at Children International.  (where I  still get a chance to make a difference)
5.  Working at CI, allowed me to not only make the difference in so many children’s lives, but also has allowed me to work with some of the nicest people.

2011 Susan G. Komen Race for The Cure- Paula's Angels

Ash & Tiff

CI staff working some Hot Dogs!lol

Part of the CI Staff

Stacy, Me, & Ashten wearing our Purple

6.I’ve also met really great people outside of work as I mentioned before. I don’t usually do shoutouts, but hey, I appreciate the girlies I’ve met here in AR as well as my husband’s fraternity brothers who treat me like their little sister.  They’ve been very helpful! We’ve had some fun filled events from dinner parties, to “we just need an excuse to eat parties, movie nights, and more!







7. Great shopping experiences have equally made Arkansas an enjoyable place when I didn’t think it was going to be! (Special Shout outs to Charming Charlie, for making me even more of an accessory freak than I already am!)

8. While having friends here has been awesome, my long time close friends have also been very helpful. I have appreciated the constant communication, pictures, and messages that never skip a beat. It makes me feel like I’m home even when I’m not.  I love the love you all send me from a distance. It truly has shown me what true friendship is made of..

9.  While I love my friends, where would I be without my hubby? My husband has been truly amazing and supportive. At times, he pushed and pushed, but I get it and understand why. He just wanted me to be my best. He wanted me to be as happy here as he is.

10. My Parents. Where would I be without them? I didn’t realize how much of best friends they are to me. I miss them severely, but they are simply a phone call away. I talk to my parents very frequently, sometimes multiple times a day. I am so appreciative of their support and love. I can’t say it enough.

11. Parents also include my mother in law. She’s been an amazing friend and someone truly supportive. I love our relationship and I love shopping with her. She makes me laugh, she makes me smile, and I don’t have any horror mother in law stories. She’s pretty awesome, and she makes me laugh…

12. This blog has helped me. It has helped me keep my thoughts together, think about this journey called life, and be able to share it with all of you wonderful people.

I just wanted to thank you all for being with me on this journey. It is very helpful when you have special people around who make this journey a little bit easier. I’m so thankful because I’m starting to see God unveil things in my life that are pretty remarkable. Who knows will this journey will take me?!?!?!?

I’m getting ready to start a new mini  quest on this journey concerning my hair!  As many of you know, to reclaim myself, and really step into my newness, I cut all of my hair and went super short!

Me rocking the Short hair

The Back

I thought this is a time for me to step out in newness, and let me tell you, while It has been sharp and everyone loves it, IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!! The back grows wayyyyyyyy too fast, I feel like I’m always walking around with my hair all over the place no matter how much everyone says it looks good! Today, I started Hairfinity after hearing rave reviews and having a friend try it! She said it brought her hair back to life, making it thick, long, and very healthy. I plan to update my progress through this blog, and let you all know all about it! So be prepared to see the results, because I’m ready for my hair to grow back! I’m ready to do more with it, and I think Hairfinity is going to help me do that. Along with that, I have started using healthy hair products including the Essentious line that is suppose to be great for hair! I can’t wait!

Again, Thanks guys for helping me in this journey, and I look forward to seeing the results of my hair as well as continuing on this journey to being Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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