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The Lazarus Story.

6 Jun

Ghost. I know.

It’s like in my mind, I have this perfect idea of writing all my thoughts down at least once a week and then time flies, and I don’t.

I know. No excuse.

How do people in the blog world keep up?

Any who, I’ve been leading a Bible Study by Jennie Allen (she’s pretty awesome), called “Proven” with a wonderful group of ladies. This study has blessed my soul in so many ways and this week , we discuss Lazarus. It is one of the classic stories repeated over and over again in the Bible, and I mean, can you blame anyone? It’s good stuff!

Man dies. Everyone is sad Man dies. Jesus is sad, man dies. He comes, he raises him from the dead. The end. Right?


I’ve heard the story a million times and I’m sure you have too. But today, there were so many snippets, so much goodness that spoke to my spirit, I wanted to share it with you and go beyond the “typical story” you’ve heard on a daily basis.

  1. When bad things happen, it’s not always about you.
    You pull yourself apart. Wondering what you did wrong, what you could have done differently, and how the circumstances could have been different, but what about thinking, “God what are you going to do with this?” John 11:4  states”The sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of god, that the son of God may be glorified through it”.  Ill tell you one thing, I much rather wonder what God is going to do with a situation then harp on the fact that it’s happening.
  2. Focus on the Light.
    We’ve all been there. Grief. Suffering. It’s not fun. But we must remember to hold on to the light, the good things, our father. “If anyone walks in the day, he does not stumble, because he sees the light of this world (John 11:9) God sees, he hears, and he’s there.
  3. Believe in who he is and what he can do.
    God is powerful and to think, he loves us! He even asked Martha if she believed in John 11:26 because the key my friend is in believing. When you allow God to show up to a situation, believe that it is handled because you know who he is, and what he can do. Wont he do it?!? I assure you (in his way and time) Yes, he will!

    Disclaimer: Don’t mistake this as me saying he will give you a million dollars or cure your sickness or illness. Don’t miss this part. I’m saying, I believe God to do everything he said he will do, even if that means not exactly what we are specifically asking for. This lady in church once was talking about two people being healed, one on earth and one in heaven.  I remember sitting in the Fresh Grounded Faith Conference thinking, I’ve never looked at it like that. God’s will is always upheld and done, even if not the way we would like or prefer. Got it? 

  4. Believe in who he is and NOT what you see.
    It’s hard, and this goodness is something I know I’ve struggled with myself. It’s so easy to think about the circumstances, what other people say, and the difficult task at hand, but I assure you God is ALWAYS in control. Not only that, what you see in front of you isn’t what God sees. I love that John 11 constantly reminds us that Lazaraus had been dead and in the tomb for four days. But sometimes when we see Death, God sees life! He hears our doubts, our concerns, but just as Jesus did, He knows who his father is and he holds onto that.

    This is where some of you need to take a deep breath and just give it to God. Whatever it is. He can’t fix it, if you won’t give it to him. Let him fix it.

  5. Allow People In!
    Sometimes we try and do everything ourselves and carry the weight alone. But God created his people to be there for each other and to comfort one another. Even Mary and Martha were comforted by the Jews on the loss of their brother.
  6. He feels our pain.
    We use to make jokes when I was younger about memorizing bible verses and John 11:35 being the easiest one to remember, but as immature as we were, we failed to look at the power in that message. Jesus wept. He felt pain. His heart went out to the loss of Lazarus and he was there in the tomb weeping with them. Make no mistake, that God feels. He cares and his heart goes out to his people when they are grieving or suffering. He isn’t absent. He’s right there. Beside us. With us. Holding our hands, wiping our tears away, and silently grieving with us.
  7. God is in the miracle happening business. Last but not least, this also means that even if a situation wasn’t handled the way you would like for it to be done, or in the time, God makes no mistakes and just as he revived Lazarus, he can revive you or your situation too. This is the main point we always get from the Lazarus story, but it’s too good not to share it again! Whatever it is, ask him! I love that Jesus simply said, “Come Forth! (John 11: 43)


So much goodness in that story. A father that love us and who always wants what is best for us. He can do it, like he did it for Lazarus.

Until Next Time, Much Love,




The Great Barista

5 Jan

Many of you are addicted to them.
You stand in long lines to wait for your favorite cup of whatever it is you all get from Starbucks.If you are from my hometown, you seriously crave Port City Java. Some of you can’t live without  your favorite coffee drinks nor the baristas that prepare them.
In fact, many of you will wait in line and SWEAR that your day will not be complete without it! It’s that much of a must have… Well today, I want to tell you about something bigger and even better.

Let me introduce you to the Great Barista.

This person makes amazing concoctions that contain a lil bit of sweet sometimes bitter but always worth the wait. Sometimes they can give it to you in an instance and other times you have to wait for a great concoction from the Great Barista.  Sometimes you try a concoction from them, and you may not like it but it may have been what you needed at that specific time, or even better yet what you asked for. Sometimes what you ask for doesn’t always turn up to be the best thing for ya. Sometimes you have to let certain concoctions go because they are no longer healthy for you. And that’s okay. You have to put your trust in the Great Barista. I gurantee you he knows what he’s doing.

Are you at the point in your life where you are waiting on a concoction from the Great Barista? Well if so there are a few things you must know:

1. Concoctions aren’t made over night. They take TIME. It’s not on your time either…  It’s the time the Great Barista thinks it takes.

2. Be very specific what you ask for. Or shall I say be very careful what you ask for. You just may recieve.

3. Be prepared for the sweet and bitter taste of life. They both add flavor to what is being created.

4. Understand when a concoction you thought you had your name on the side, is given to someone else. It doesn’t mean you don’t have the same concoction coming, it just means yours isn’t quite ready yet.

5. Try something new! It’s scary, I know. But it might be the best tasting thing you’ve ever had.

6. Don’t be disappointed if the first taste isn’t the greatest. Sometimes it takes a lil while to warm up to something new.

7. Be thankful for every concoction that comes your way. Trust and believe it is for a reason.

8.  Never give up on the great Barista. He’s the greatest for a reason.

I don’t know what made me want to talk about the Great Barista today. I think it is simply because well, he is so GREAT.  Not to mention, my friend who happens to be a co worker wrote on her blog (It’s Always Something) today something really phenomenal that reminds us all that every thing happens for a reason, even if it doesn’t seem to turn out a certain way, and THAT’S OKAY.  We just have to get to the point were we understand that. Also, I hear so many people saying , “Steph look at you, happily married, full time job, home owner, you are really blessed. ” Well that may be it, but that’s not just it. Please believe me, I’ve had my fair share of concoctions some great, some not so good, some new, some old, and I got to the point where I realized I have to let the Great Barista do his thing, trust him completely, and know he would never give me something I can’t handle 😉

I guess the moral of this blog is…
hold on, keep the faith, and know that your time is coming…
Your just going through the brewing period, and we all are constantly going through that period where things are being created and developed just for us. It’s what I like to call the “Brewing of a Blessing”.

Believe me, the great Barista has your back 🙂

Until Next Time, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Psa. 27:14 Wait for the Lord; Be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.

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