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Fall Fashion & Fun

15 Oct

I’m so excited to be a part of Arkansas Women Blogger’s Blogtober Fest this week!

As a part of this challenge, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite Fall things!
I love Fall as I have mentioned in previous posts, because it’s such a beautiful time where the leaves start changing in beautiful hues of golds, reds, and browns.  Not to mention, my house is already filled with earth tone decor, so I get to add a touch of Fall with pumpkins, leaves, cute little scarecrows and a beautiful wreath for the door. My favorite thing about Fall is the change in weather because it allows me to bring out some of my favorite sweaters, boots, and so much more!!

I am so happy that I have been able to pull out my fabulous boots but I’m alwaays looking for more! Check out these Fabulous Boots I’ve been looking at:

These boots are so fabulous and can be purchased from Joyfolie for 225 bucks! They are genuwine leather and just darling! I’ve always like Joyfolie because of the adorable clothes they make for little girls. That’s right! You can sport a pair of these babies and your little lady can sport her own fabulous little pair of boots!

For those of you who may want to find a cute boot but at a more affordable cost, check out these sexy boots on sale for $59.70 at!

But enough about boots! I’m also super excited to pull out some of the scarves in my collection!!! I’m hoping to add some more scarves, maybe these nice ones from Savvy Chicks E. Boutique ~

Who knows what I will add! I just love this weather and I like looking stylish in it as well!!! Fall is so much fun and so is all the Fashion involved! What Fall Fashions have you found? What do you plan to add to your wardrobe? I would love to know!!

Well that is it for now! I will be with you all week sharing some fabulous posts for this October Fest! Hope you enjoy!!!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

MrsSpj 🙂

Great Finds

24 Sep

Hey Good People!

I’ve been busy traveling a little here and there and it’s been a bit crazy but we’ve had a little fun in between!

My husband and I traveled to see his best friend get married! Wasn’t she a beautiful bride?

I finally had the chance to wear my MUST HAVE dress from Banana Republic! When I first saw the dress in the window, I KNEW, I had to have it! My husband has a Banana Republic Card, and due to that he gets a lot of great savings! I think after all of the savings the dress only cost about 70 bucks!!!! It’s such a great quality dress and what can I say, I love it! Having a Banana Republic card TRULY pays off!

I thought a purple gold smokey eye would be perfect for the event! I was super psyched a few weeks ago to find a fabulous lip color that I just had to have! It was from Kiss New York, and a found it in a hair store for about 3 bucks!!!! It really made my total look pop!

Kiss “Magenta” Lipstick

This was after the event, so excuse me if I look kind of tired in the picture! I just had to show you how great this lip color is! I will be going back to try out even more!

On Sunday, the hubby and I walked around the Galleria in Dallas, TX. We really didn’t purchase anything, but I did get to try out Bath & Body Work’s Fabulous  Lip Gloss from C.O. Bigelow! I love their  Mentha Shimmer Tint in Pearl Mint! It gives a pretty gloss and it was only 7.50!!! Right now, Bath & Body Works has the buy 2 get one free, so I purchased one chapstick (for men) for my husband, and also received the Rose Salve by C.O. Bigelow. I find that it works great on elbows, and lips if need be (I know, weird combo!)

Well that is it for now friends!

It has been such a lovely weekend, but now I’m battling a cold (NO FUN)!

I hope you all are doing well and get to try out some of the great finds in this post!!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Freak Organizer

13 Sep

So you may remember when I decided to use a Sephora Inspired Brush Holder in my bathroom awhile ago! I have been using it since, but notice that my makeup collection is truly growing and it seems to be unorganized…

This is complete madness for me. I was doing really well with my organizing capabilities until I realized My collection was outgrowing my cute little organizer, so something had to be done! It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to find what I need, but this clutter and complete mess has made things that way. However, don’t worry, I always have something up my sleeve. I went to the container store, looking for storage. The only problem was, I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that would be serving only for storage purposes. I looked in the cosmetic storage section, and while the items were cute, I just didn’t want to spend the funds, nor have pre set sections (i know, werido)

So I found these cute little plastic containers from The container store and purchased them in 4 different sizes!

They ranged in price from 1.99 to 4.99! I then went to Michaels and purchased some cute sparkly black felt. I didn’t even have to cut it because it fit the container perfectly!


I decided to cut the Black Felt to fit the sizes of the other 3 containers I had. I decided that the containers would separate my makeup by : Eye Shadow, Face Products (Foundations, blushes, etc), Lipsticks and Glosses ,and Mascara & Liners! All the clutter ended up being organized like this:


It fits perfectly in my bathroom drawers and even looks cute from the side (Not that it matters!)
I find it very easy to now access the products I need and I still have room to add more products even though it may look pretty full!!

So if you need to organize your makeup in a cute style, and don’t want to spend more than 20 bucks (16 actually), this can make it happen! All you need is:

Craft Felt (Optional)
Stacking Organizer Trays (The size of your choice)

and about 10 minutes! Cool thing is, I now don’t have my makeup everywhere, and I know how to get to it all!The cool thing about the felt is if something spills on it I can replace it! Felt doesn’t cost more than .99 cents (and that’s for the heavier kind) ! I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me!!!
Your welcome 🙂

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Friday Favs: Sephora!

17 Aug

So I must be honest..

I’ve been keeping things from you..

But not too much! I’ve just been obsessing over some really great finds lately and of course involving makeup! I wanted to share with you some of my Favorites!

For instance, I love Tia & Tamera and their show!

While watching it, I always find myself staring at their makeup, trying to figure out how to copy their magnificent looks!I love how they always have an amazing style and beautiful makeup to go with it!

After visiting my favorite makeup store, (sephora of course), I was given quite a few tips on how to create my own fabulous looks and found some pretty amazing products!

My favorite Palette right now is Sephora’s Primal Instincts EyeShadow Palette!

Sephora’s Primal Instincts

This palette includes 14 BEAUTIFUL colors that are great for everyday looks and nighttime fun! I’ve only had it for a few days and look what lovely looks I created:















Also, I have to give a shout-out to those lovely ladies at Sephora here in Little Rock, AR! We have two stores and the service at BOTH is outstanding! I love the makeup artists, and just recently I was upset because I thought I had lost two cream liners I had purchased from the store. As it turns out, it wasn’t put in the bag, and the ladies at Sephora tracked me down in the mall almost 3 weeks later, to let me know they held them for me. (That is what I call service!)

I love those liners and have used them as well! They are great for a smokey eye and you can find them in your closest Sephora Store! They are Waterproof Smoky Cream Liners and they are only 12 bucks!

Sephora Rocks my socks off right now! (well, technically they always have:)

I’ve also been obsessing over the Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum! I’ve always aimed to have long full lashes, and I believe this Lash Primer does the trick! It not only creates a base for my mascara, but it also helps to condition my lashes in the process! It is a bit on the pricey side ($28.00) but worth every penny! I have noticed a difference in the way my lashes look with Mascara! The cool thing is it works with any mascara too!

Just check out the difference!

Before- Jan 2012

After – Dior Primer! August 2012

I think my lashes have grown as well with Hairfinity, but the Dior does make a difference!

I’m such a makeup addict, I know! But I get really excited to share with you all these great things as well! I hope you enjoy these things as much as I do! I’m just an east coast girl who enjoys the simple things in life! Why not look fabulous while doing that?

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

I hope you go into your local Sephora and try all of these amazing products out! Also, just to show you, that palette really looks as incredible as the picture on the website:


Ny & Co Fabulous Look

23 Jul

Hey Friends!

I know, I know, It’s Monday! How Exciting!
(Insert Sarcasm here)

I got to do some shopping in one of my favorite stores, New York & Company!!!
When I first tried on this dress, my best friend said that it did nothing for me, and it hid my curves…

I agreed, but didn’t want to give up hope yet… So I put my brain and inner fashionista to work.

I purchased this Fabulous wide belt from New York & Company also for about 5 bucks when they were having one of those amazing sales that I’m always talking about. Now ladies, if you have curves, but are scared of dresses, DON’T BE! Belts are your friend! They help define curves and your shape, when a dress does not. Check me out now!


I love how the outfit looked all put together! NY & Co Belt, Dress, and YES even earrings! I love these earrings! They are flat silver round earrings that I happen to have in both silver and gold! I think they just help the outfit stand out! My total outfit minus the shoes, and necklace, totaled 32 bucks!!! The dress wasn’t even 18 dollars after the sale!You can’t beat that! Although I bought the items at different times, they went together perfectly! To top it all off, I decided to wear the new shoes my hubby got me from Dillards. They were $49.99 on sale. Whatcha think?

I love the style of them and the different textures and it just overall fit with my whole outfit!

It’s all about how you shop! You have to find places that work for you, and items that work for you. You also have to know not only where to shop, but when! I just went this weekend, and purchased two amazing pair of jeans for 60 bucks! They always have great prices and very cute items! Someone once told me, that they were expensive, and I think I  gave them the side eye. They have great deals, if you know how to shop! My fav store, NY & Co was having buy one get one 75% off! They are still having the sale, and it didn’t hurt that I had an amazing coupon to go along with it! I think It was 50 off of 100 dollar purchase! One reason, I love being a rewards card member!!!

Also along with my outfit, I decided to rock a bit of a golden smoky look.. I think it turned out pretty good? Whatcha think?

I decided to use my Concrete Minerals  shadow! I am now a rep for the company, so let me know if you are interested in purchasing any products! I have them featured right here on my blog site!

Well that’s it for now friends! I just wanted to share with you some great deals and a fabulous look for less!
Do you have a store that helps you stay fabulous looking? Tell me all about it!!

Until Next Time, Mrs. SPJ


P.S. – I do not get paid by NY & Co, I just love them that much! My whole closet is practically filled with their clothing!



Fired up Tuesday!

29 May

Yep, Fired up, which I thought was unusual for a Monday morning,
until I realized that it was Tuesday, due to the fact we remembered all of our awesome service men and women that sacrificed their lives for us yesterday!

Anywho, this morning, my husband tells me I have a “Fire” Dress on.
I’m taking this as a sign that he really likes my dress (let’s hope), or the simple fact that my dress has colors of fire all throughout it. I consider the dress a bit tropical, and I giggled to myself later, when I thought, “I AM Katniss, the girl on fire!” As you can see, I’m currently addicted  to the Hunger Games!

What do you think of my Fire Style? HA HA!

 I decided to use my new BH Cosmetics Party Girl Pallette to do my makeup! I wanted to purchase a pallette that fit my needs, when I wanted to take my makeup with me out of town without carrying way too many products! I love this new pallette!

Aren’t the colors fabulous? It’s everything I need to do cool looks on the go! I’m going out of town this weekend and so happy I don’t have to carry all of my makeup, just this amazing pallette! Right now, it’s going for 10 bucks! Typically it’s 18 dollars which isn’t bad either! I decided to use the reddish/coral color, the striking gold, and the shimmery green! I came up with this:

On another note, I’m also rocking a really awesome new bracelet given to me by my friend/coworker, Ashten. She is the blog queen of  Barefoot N’ Running. Her little cousin is going on the biggest fight for her life! You can read more about it, on Ashten’s blog. Well today, I am more than honored to wear this bracelet for Asher. The bracelet reads,

“In Jesus Name, I pray for, Asher Ray”

If you are interested in donations, and helping this lil girl’s family raise funds for her cause, you can by emailing:

Well that’s it for today folks! Hope your on fire and ready for this week! I am! If you have anymore questions about the makeup or anything feel free to leave a comment!!!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Shopping Sneak Peak

24 May

Hey guys!
So I will admit, I LOVE to Shop!
However, I haven’t been doing as much shopping because my husband and I have been saving for a couple of trips coming up! We will be going to the Outlets the week after next, and then hopefully a trip home! I’m getting so excited!
However, I’ve been running across some great deals lately, and what better time to shop than Memorial Day Weekend? You will find some great deals out there! I just wanted to share a few with you!


You guys know I love it! For Memorial Day Weekend, BH Cosmetics is having a Memorial Day Sale with most of their products 35% to 45% off! They have a 120 Color Palette 5th Edition that usually retails for $34.95 on sale for $19.22 and the sales don’t end there!!




You guys know I LOVEEEEEE clothes! Especially those from New York & Company! Some people tell me that NY & Co clothes are expensive but they really aren’t. You are getting great deals and if you wait until they send you a coupon (they always do), you will get even BETTER DEALS! For Memorial Day, they have a great deal! Everything is Buy One Get One 75% off with Free Shipping on Orders over $100! Also, until Tomorrow you can utilize this great coupon, Memorial Day Getaway Sale Coupon!

Another of my loves! New York & Company has some great accessories for sale! Also, Charming Charlie has been having a lot of great  sales! They may not advertise them on their website, but they have a lot of jewelry half price and their normal prices are VERY reasonable! Not to mention they offer a $5 Ground Shipping Rate which is awesome!

Only 12.97!

Only $7.97!

Only $14.97!

See! There are some great shopping items out there and they won’t break your budget! You know I always want us to be fashion forward and not break the bank trying to do so!!!! Hopefully in the future, Ill be able to giveaway some cool jewelry to some of my subscribers! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

I only wanted to list 3 things, because they are the 3 things I love the most! Another great find, is HAUTELOOK. Haute Look is a members-only shopping website offering limited-time sale events with top brands in women’s and men’s fashion, jewelry and accessories! They will have Designer brands at REALLY LOW prices! If you are interested in getting their emails, leave your email address and Ill refer you! It doesn’t cost to join, but it’s a great company!
Well that’s it for now. Where do you like to shop? What good deals do you find? Please inform me because I love to find new places!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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