Having a W.O.W. Moment

3 Sep


I’m having a wow moment for this weight on Wednesday post.
It’s Wednesday so having an accountability factor includes posting on Wed.
I know, I’ve been slack at times. Between being a Mom, Wife, and full time coordinator for a non profit,
I get swamped, but I keep telling myself, that is no reason not to post (I have to convince myself) .

This morning, I decided I was going to get on the scale to see where I was.
When I stepped on the scale, I was taken back!
I think I gulped really hard, blinked my eyes a few times, and looked again.

“This can’t be right!” , I thought.
How have I managed to pick up pounds again?

I got back on the scale (like it was going to say something different),
and this time it was even more than the first time!
(I think I weighed myself 4 times this morning)

I’m not going to lie. I was disappointed in myself because I work so hard.

However, instead of sulking, I decided to look over my plan, and figure out what I was doing wrong.

A few things I found:

I’m not eating enough at breakfast.
Not eating enough leads me to sometimes overeating at lunch.
I sometimes eat too late.
I sometimes skip meals without even realizing it.

All these issues lead me to sabotaging my own success.

So it’s time to do something new.
I’m doing better with the snack thing, although there is still always a way to improve.

I’m so serious about this weight loss, and I want to see myself change.
I’ve gotten stronger, but it’s time to make the scale move more!

Stay motivated folks! It’s hard, but we can do it!!!

2 Responses to “Having a W.O.W. Moment”

  1. Deborah Price September 4, 2014 at 6:25 am #

    Hi Steph, Please don’t let this weight thing get you down. I know you have been trying hard and maybe that’s the problem you trying to hard. You know you will get there and I always say it’s hard to drop pounds in the summertime anyway. You just stay focus and you will get there. I told you I had gained almost 6 pounds this summer and I was not surprised because I was eating crazy with Anya here and all. Anyway keep that chin up and keep smiling. It does not show that you have gained weight so don’t worry ok. See you all soon.


  2. LaToya September 4, 2014 at 10:43 am #

    This was SO me yesterday! I looked at the scale and said “you’re lying!” I think I’m going to stop weighing myself because it’s discouraging. I’m still able to wear my pants and some are even loose, so perhaps I’m losing inches instead. But I will not be stepping in that scale!


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