My Mommy (I mean Newborn) Must Haves (or favorites)

11 Aug

Hello Friends!

Because I didn’t update much while I was pregnant, I always like to use Mondays to reflect on Motherhood, and maybe even reflect back! This Monday, I wanted to share with you my Mommy must haves when Christian was a baby!!


The most incredible little things these were! I remember after Christian was born, he was super fussy one night. I didn’t know what tll the fuss was, and did everything in my power to comfort him. One nurse came in, asked if we needed anything, and we let her know our son was a little bit fussier than normal. She told us, “you swaddled him all wrong!” I watched as she picked my little 9 pounder up, and swaddled him perfectly. It was as if the gates of heaven opened, and he went peacefully to sleep. For 3 months straight, swaddlers did the trick!We really liked Halo’s sleepsacks and Summer Infant the best!


Call me paranoid, but this little device put me at east like you would NEVER believe. I was on the fence when it came to baby monitorsbut knew that I wanted one. We had friends who had lost their babies to SIDS, and had read various stories (the internet is horrible for those reasons alone), and it just made me nervous. I had heard about the SNUZA and was convinced it was the one I had to have. We loved it because it was mobile, comfortable for baby, and more than anything, RELIABLE. I remember the first night I woke up from its alarm. It scared me at first, because Christian was so still and til this day we don’t know what that brief moment was caused by or about, but SNUZA brought me so much relief. The little device clips to the child’s diaper and detects their breathing. If they aren’t breathing properly, it buzzes to alert them, and then an alarm will sound to alert you. One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE things in the world. There were a few false alarms when Christian became very active, but I appreciated it, because it let me know the product WORKED. DEFINITE must have for me.


Brilliant little seahorse! This was one of Christian’s first and FAVORITE toy of all. When Christian was a newborn we would push the Seahorse’s little stomach so that it would glow and play soft music for our baby boy. He loved it! His eyes would fixate on the little glowing stomach and he lullabies would sooth him to sleep. After 5 minutes, the little seahorse would turn off, and baby boy would be sleep. In the beginning he didn’t grasp it as much, but a time came when he was old enough he would push the little seahorse’s stomach and lay down. We have purchased other items with the same idea in mind, yet Christian always reverted back to this one. It even was packed to go on a trip with us just to keep little man happy.


I’m convinced that when you have a newborn this is the ONLY (well maybe not), but BEST way to go! Some people think why should I buy this car seat that I can only use until the baby is 20+ pounds when convertible car seats go way beyond that. HERE’S WHY: When you are out and about with baby, and you need to go in the store, out walking, etc. you will appreciate having that car seat that can go in a buggy at the grocery store, on that stroller when you are out walking, and being able to sit it down softly when you come in the house and find you have to use the bathroom badly! We had the B-Safe by Britax, and my husband and I hated almost regretted having to switch our child out to a bigger car seat!! The B safe car seat with the B- Agile was the best Travel System for us! I still use the stroller today!


The best of the best HANDS DOWN! I remember seeing my friend Jen put her baby in what to me originally seemed like some type of contraption.
I didn’t see what all the hype was about when It came to Ergobaby until I tried on several carriers. Ergobaby not only has baby’s comfort in mind but momma’s comfort as well! It felt good on my back (I had several back problems and pain after having Christian) and Christian was so snuggly in it. I used the carrier to travel, clean, and to support baby while I was out and about. If you want a good reliable carrier, pay the price and get an Ergobaby! It’s worth it!  I knew I wasn’t going to be one of those moms who had her baby wrapped up to her. The thought of wearing my baby with a wrap terrified me! Ergobaby was perfect and super easy to use!


Can we say lifesaver? After having a c section the healing process can take some time. Our pak and play was a lifesaver. My husband could move it around where it needed to be, and I could get to baby very easily. Christian loved his pak and play so much, he would fall asleep in it without a problem! I recommend pak and plays to keep baby active yet safe when they are still small.

This pillow was used for so many different things from breastfeeding to having the baby lay comfortable, etc.,I could go on and on! There is a reason this pillow is a top baby purchase until this day! It just works! We had two or three different covers that we would swap out!


Can we talk about how wonderful they are? My son was a very gassy baby and uncomfortable so many times, but these gas drops gave him sooO much relief. I read about them and had heard other mommies talking about them, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing for my son. Gas drops immediately calmed my son and he would sleep so peacefully. (WHERE HAVE THOSE DAYS GONE?) We loved the Little Tummys brand from Walgreens.


It deserves it’s own listing because to me when gas drops wouldn’t work, Gripe water did. Gripe Water to me was like gingerale for babies. Gripe Water would get rid of my son’s hiccups and if he was gassy it also worked for that as well. I found sometimes Gripe water worked and other times Gas Drops did. He also loved the taste of it!


It became my son’s favorite thing even more the older he got. It’s the best of both worlds: A Pacifier and Stuffed Animal. I loved it, because I could give it to my son at night in his pak and play and not worry about the cord getting wrapped around his neck or causing him discomfort. He became so fond of the wubbanub (we called it Clifford!) With it’s size, it wouldn’t get lost, Christian was easily able to hold it in his hands, and he loved it! He was heartbroken when we decided not to give him a pacifier anymore! We didn’t want a toddler walking around with a Binky!

So those are 10 of my favorite items Christian used as a newborn!! If I had to do it all over again (and who knows I just may one day), I would have at least these 10 items on hand! What are some of your favorite baby items?

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ

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