Goodbye 2012….

31 Dec

Well Friends, we made it through another year!

I know, many of you are thinking, okay you’ve been gone quite often on your blog these days.. I’ve gotta tell you so much has happened in 2012….

I started the year of celebrating my birthday in TN.
This year then was filled with me showing so many makeup tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way…
You got to continuously see me on my quest to be closer to God
Let’s not forget my journey to grow my haircut out and have longer healthier hair…(Thanks Hairfinity)
There is also that constant struggle with weight… W.O.W. (Don’t Beat yourself up about it) 
There was lots of love, even a loss (R.I.P. Aunt Artie)
o many great times, so many great memories….
However, I have been so preoccupied I haven’t shared everything…

Many of my FB friends were shocked when my husband and I posted this on facebook,


That’s Right! My husband and I found out we were expecting our first child in September of this year! It took us forever to let anyone know because I couldn’t get into the doctor’s office right away! We ended up letting our friends in on the little secret at our “Friendsgiving” when we brought out this awesome cake made by Delores of Dee’s Delightful Desserts!

Delores makes the BEST Cakes and she is such a pleasure to work with! She’s affordable and really puts love and hard work into her cakes. I’m so grateful that I met her through a good friend, and if you are in Little Rock, and looking for a place to get incredible cakes, Delores is the one you want!! You can find her on facebook under Dee’s Delightful Desserts!

So after finally announcing it to everyone, I’ve just been taking the time to get my rest and take it easy with Baby Jones, or shall I say Lil Man Jones (yep, we are having a boy)

My hubby is taking extra good care of me and we are still finding ways to have fun! We recently had our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party which was a hit!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA So I’m 5 months and so excited for what the new year may bring! I want to thank you for reading my blog, being a friend, and being interested enough to follow me through my blog. I know I’ve slacked, and there is no excuse, but working full time and being preggers, is not easy. (HOW DO WOMEN MAKE IT LOOK SO EASY???)

As this year comes to a close, I’m going to put my feet up, and cuddle next to my soul mate until I fall off into Lala land.

May this new year bring you happiness, blessings, and all that God has to offer…

Goodbye 2012….

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂




2 Responses to “Goodbye 2012….”

  1. Caterina (@Caateryna) December 31, 2012 at 10:33 pm #

    Happy New Years sweetie! And major Congratulations!!! God bless you and your family and you little soon to be bundle of joy!


  2. Katrina Price December 31, 2012 at 10:43 pm #

    AWE!!! Love ur blog!! Love your pictures!! 2012 was a very exciting year for you guys! 2013 will be even more exciting!! Please continue to keep us informed!! luv ya! TTYL


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