4 Dec

Yesterday was a very sad day….

I received a phone call that my Aunt passed away.
It’s weird, ya know being that I just saw her this past August…
I immediately felt bad for my mom (she was suppose to be visiting her sister within a few days),
and then I just felt bad for the loss of our family.
This is the first death in our family that has hit us so close.
I’m so far away from so many members of my family, it’s at this time I just wish I was closer and could be around
the people that mean so much to me.

Anywho, My aunt lost her battle with lung cancer.
The way cancer has taken so many of those I love and just so many in general saddens me..
In a perfect world, we would find a cure for cancer, and it wouldn’t destroy so many people and families.
But until then, we can just hope and pray that a day comes where the “big c” won’t be such a threat.

For now, all we can do is pray for peace in this world.
Pray that those of our loved ones who are battling cancer, can beat it, and if they can’t that the journey
and the road will be easy.

I look forward to spending time with my family next week,
I just wish it were on different circumstances….

Until Next Time,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

R.I.P. Aunt Artie..


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