Halloween Memories

16 Oct

Hello Friends!

It’s time for Day 2 of the AWB Blogtober Fest! Today has been dedicated to sharing Halloween Memories. I remember as a little girl always planning out my costumes, and wanting to collect the most candy (most of it I never touched!)  There are so many great memories like having a man in the neighborhood who owned a popcorn company passing out delicious popcorn in shades of black and orange for Halloween. I remember getting excited running up to people’s doors, but scared to go to some…..

I remember the “werewolf” Costume.
I was about five years old and my mom had this really great idea for making me a werewolf. I was so excited about it! I mean afterall, I was cute, could be a lil scary, and my mom made this awesome werewolf face with fur and makeup! The problem came, later that night when my mom went to remove the fur off of my face, and it wouldn’t come off!!!!!! I remember her trying her best to remove it, but the fur was stuck to my face with the adhesive that came with it! She tried to use water, rub it off, and still Nothing! After lots of maneuvering she managed to get the fur off… Thank God, or I’d still be a werewolf til this day! That is one Halloween memory I will never forget!

I will also never forget getting to see my baby cousins, go out for Halloween. I’ve always lived miles and miles away from them, and when I was in graduate school, I was able to see them more frequently, and get to see my triplet cousins enjoy Halloween for once!

Although I didn’t get Fe’s choice of costume as someone being eaten by a rat(lol), I did enjoy being with them. A lot of my family members went, and a good friend of mine, and it’s always good just to spend time with the people you love..

My most recent awesome Halloween memory, was being able to pass out candy last year for the first time in my own house. After living in apartments for so long, my husband and I purchased our first home last year, and I was pretty more excited than the kids every time a kid rang the doorbell. I can’t wait to pass out candy again this year, and I’ve even added a few Halloween Gravestones outside to give my yard a little festive Halloween feel!

Do you have a Halloween memory? I’d love to hear about it!!! Please share!

Until Next Time, Much Love, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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