2 years of Love!

18 Sep

Today is a super special day, because I am celebrating another wonderful year with that husband of mine!

I feel as if this has been a really great year! Our first year had its ups and downs, with me dealing with depression but I’ve come so far in this 2nd year! Although I’ve had my issues, my husband has been by my side every step of the way. He has supported me, loved me, and more importantly just been there. What a lucky girl I am! He not only provides, he makes me laugh, and knows how to deal with me and my defensive-overly emotional self.

I wanted to dedicate today’s post to him just to say Thank You.  I didn’t even post last year, partly because my husband surprised me and took me to Hot Springs, but also because I was still struggling with the whole relocation thing.

However today I’m grateful. God is so awesome, and has blessed me in so many ways I can only Thank him! Then, I have to Thank my husband for just always being there. I think that has made the most difference in my life today.

For those of you who are married, remember to always

love each other.
be there for one another.
act silly with one another.
Pray together.
Be each other’s best friend.

For those of you who aren’t married or in a relationship, remember,

God is writing your love story. I guarantee you it’s going to be an amazing story of ups and downs and even some sweep you off your feet moments! You just to give him time, and realize it’s not going to happen when YOU want it to, but when God says it’s time.

Be patient. (I tell myself this all the time about other aspects in my life!)

To my husband,

Thank you for being my best friend in the whole wide world. Also, thanks for giving me the awesome “J” in “SPJ” 😀  I love you!
Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Some of my favorite moments from the big day 2 years ago…

1 of 3 Autumn Girls

Me & My Bestie

Kiss the Bride

Me & My Goddaughter , Taylor 🙂



One Response to “2 years of Love!”

  1. Monique Smith September 18, 2012 at 3:27 pm #

    I love it! Congratulations to two of the best people I know!


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