Friday Favs: Sephora!

17 Aug

So I must be honest..

I’ve been keeping things from you..

But not too much! I’ve just been obsessing over some really great finds lately and of course involving makeup! I wanted to share with you some of my Favorites!

For instance, I love Tia & Tamera and their show!

While watching it, I always find myself staring at their makeup, trying to figure out how to copy their magnificent looks!I love how they always have an amazing style and beautiful makeup to go with it!

After visiting my favorite makeup store, (sephora of course), I was given quite a few tips on how to create my own fabulous looks and found some pretty amazing products!

My favorite Palette right now is Sephora’s Primal Instincts EyeShadow Palette!

Sephora’s Primal Instincts

This palette includes 14 BEAUTIFUL colors that are great for everyday looks and nighttime fun! I’ve only had it for a few days and look what lovely looks I created:















Also, I have to give a shout-out to those lovely ladies at Sephora here in Little Rock, AR! We have two stores and the service at BOTH is outstanding! I love the makeup artists, and just recently I was upset because I thought I had lost two cream liners I had purchased from the store. As it turns out, it wasn’t put in the bag, and the ladies at Sephora tracked me down in the mall almost 3 weeks later, to let me know they held them for me. (That is what I call service!)

I love those liners and have used them as well! They are great for a smokey eye and you can find them in your closest Sephora Store! They are Waterproof Smoky Cream Liners and they are only 12 bucks!

Sephora Rocks my socks off right now! (well, technically they always have:)

I’ve also been obsessing over the Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum! I’ve always aimed to have long full lashes, and I believe this Lash Primer does the trick! It not only creates a base for my mascara, but it also helps to condition my lashes in the process! It is a bit on the pricey side ($28.00) but worth every penny! I have noticed a difference in the way my lashes look with Mascara! The cool thing is it works with any mascara too!

Just check out the difference!

Before- Jan 2012

After – Dior Primer! August 2012

I think my lashes have grown as well with Hairfinity, but the Dior does make a difference!

I’m such a makeup addict, I know! But I get really excited to share with you all these great things as well! I hope you enjoy these things as much as I do! I’m just an east coast girl who enjoys the simple things in life! Why not look fabulous while doing that?

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

I hope you go into your local Sephora and try all of these amazing products out! Also, just to show you, that palette really looks as incredible as the picture on the website:


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