Atlantic City Baby!

11 Aug

Was sooooooooo Awesome!

We had a blast celebrating with our friends Kelly & Levar who had a beautiful ceremony on the Boardwalk…
Here is a mini recap..

It’s always good to be around great friends and to see two people who love each other so much make it “official”! Atlantic City was so amazing from the drinks, to the karaoke bar, to the amazing food!  There is so much shopping and such great food! Needless to say I am currently recuperating from all the food, drinks, and fun!!!

I also had the wonderful chance to see my mom on her birthday and my family that I haven’t seen in a few years! It felt really good and it was so great to see them!!!  We traveled from Atlantic City to PA for some much needed family time!
I have missed all of you on here as well! I have a box of samples that I’m waiting to try out and tell you all about!! Also, I seem to be keeping up lately on Instagram so you should follow me there!!! MrsSPJ

That is it for now friends!!!! I will be back in full effect as much as I can next week!!

Until Next Time, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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