Feeling Fab & T.G.I.F!

20 Jul

Hey Friends!
Okay so I know..
I haven’t been as active in writing lately, but it’s simply because I’m working on so many fabulous projects!! I swear there is so little time and so much to do! Some of the things I’ve been up include:

Concrete Rep
I’ve been in the process of selling some of the fabulous makeup I wear.I’m now officially a Concrete Minerals Rep! (Check out the store tab!)  I’m really excited about being a rep because so many people ask me about the eye shadow I wear, and now I get a chance to represent the company and sell it! Please check out what Concrete Minerals has to offer and send me a message!

Hair Growth
I’m still trying to grow out my hair! Hairfinity has definitely given me back the length that I long for with my hair and has made it healthy. I’m a huge fan of hairfinity along with the Essentious Products. I just recently got my hair cut in layers and I love it! What do you think?

I now understand why my hairdresser encouraged me to get layers! It simply brings life to my hair!

Nail Mission
I’ve been on a serious Nail Mission lately, and by that I mean trying to get better at taking care of my own nails and doing some really cool designs. Although it isn’t perfect, take a look at part of my mission that I completed last night:

I still had to clean them up a bit and I smudged a few of them, but now I know what I am capable of! I will tell you more about it later and give you some cool videos to check out!

I’ve received so many great samples in the last month, and I need to try them out all so I can tell you how fabulous they are! I have a box just waiting for me to get into and I will be telling you all about these wonderful products as well! Remember, I do not make any money for reviewing these samples. I just love finding great products and love sharing them with you!!!!! So stay tuned!

This weekend, I plan to go look for some shoes for my friend’s wedding since it is right around the corner! I also plan to maybe do a lil window shopping, and work on building up the site! In between that time there is a workout scheduled in there!ha ha!!!

Have a great weekend friends!

Until Next Time, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

P.S.- Go get some amazing makeup now!!!lol! 🙂


One Response to “Feeling Fab & T.G.I.F!”

  1. Deborah July 21, 2012 at 7:39 pm #

    Hair looks great, now those nails…..lol


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