Quick & Fabulous!

16 Jul

Good Morning Friends!

I’ve gotta tell ya, it’s been one of those mornings.
I woke up kind of flustered and knew I would have to spend quite amount of time on my hair to make it look somewhat decent but time was not on my side…..

We’ve all had those days where time is limited, however we still want to look our best before we start our day! BirchBox, a company that offers a monthly subscription box,  created  a post on Facebook and simply asked,

“How do you keep your beauty simplified”?

Well on days like today, the timing of this question couldn’t be more appropriate!

I had exactly 40 minutes or less to get myself together!

As far as fashion, Black pants are my best friend (which is why I have about 3 pairs of them!)
A simple tee paired with black pants and comfy shoes are the quickest go to fashion for me! I love how chic and professional they look even when I feel a lil crazy on the inside!

After a shower and getting dressed, I still had about 30  minutes to spare..

I always make sure to hydrate my skin with a moisturizer particularly for dry skin. Lately, I’ve been on a Shea Butter Lotion kick.

After putting a heat protectant on my hair and running my flat-iron through a few strands quickly (literally 10 minutes) It was on to beauty.

By now time is truly dwindling down, but I was still going to put my best face forward!
After putting a moisturizer on my face and using Too Face’s  Shadow insurance, primer, I used a few of my favorite products…


BareMinerals Highshine Eye Color Applicator and Eyeko Eyeliner Tip

1. I started by sweeping BareMinerals High Shine Eyecolor in meteorite over my lids. The brush is already included so you don’t have to spend too much time here!

2. Take your favorite eye shadow  and with a small brush  sweep a vibrant color of your choice a lil  below the middle of your lid down to the lash line. I decided to use a nice teal/blue color from  Spectrum Cosmetics.
3. Take your favorite liner, and draw a  line  across to really help your eye shadow pop! Recently, I received the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner from Birchbox. I love it! It’s so easy to use! The best thing is, it has a pen tip and allows you to be very precise when applying!
4. Take some mascara and give those lashes some volume and length! I LOVE Buxom’s Mascara in Blackest Black and tend to use it the most!
5. Apply your favorite lip color. Right now, I’m really hooked to Buxom’s Big & Healthy Lip Creme in Purple Haze! It tingles, it shines, and the Vitamins A & E in keep your lips protected! It doesn’t hurt either that the Purple looks amazing with my skin color!
6. If you want too, apply foundation! I typically go for Mac’s Studio Tech because it’s smooth and applies like a cream. You also don’t need a lot to make it look good! Today I opted out for foundation. I like to take a break from it from time to time.

With these steps, you will have a beautiful glowing look that’s quite simplified!
I was very detailed here, but it doesn’t take much at all!In fact, just guess how long it took me?


Beauty doesn’t have to take a lot of effort, you just have to want to do it!

There are products out there that can make your life so easy when it comes to makeup! Just because you don’t have the time, doesn’t mean you cannot have the look!!!!

I hope this post inspires you to take time for yourself, even if there isn’t a lot of time! You can still have a simple yet fabulous look, and the more you get in the routine of doing it, the easier it becomes!!!!

What are your simple beauty techniques? I love learning new tips and would love to see yours!!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

All Smiles!

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