W.O.W 21- Detox Time

6 Jun

Yep, It’s that time.
I had such a splendid time on vacation, but I feel like I ate everything in sight! Not seriously, but when you are on vacation, you tend to enjoy what life has to offer food wise a little bit more than normal and that’s exactly what I did! I mean look at some of these meals~

Delcious Grilled chicken with loaded mashed potatoes!


Pasta! ‘Nuff said not loaded with cheese or anything so not too too bad 🙂

Amazingly Delicious Nachos! Thanks BJs Resteraunt!

A delicious drink made just for me! (no alcohol!)

Do you see some of the great dishes I had? We aren’t going to even mention my desire to try all these different appetizers at some of the places! I was so in love with the food! I should have probably eaten half and then boxed the other half up, but this food was too good, the moment was too great, and I couldn’t resist!

Hence, now I’m paying for it.

On Monday I just felt stuffed. Like I pushed myself way past the point that I needed to and YES this was something that I decided to do because I was on vacay so NOW I’m trying to get my body back in order. I’ve been trying since yesterday to get rid of the puffy swollen hands from my food intake and the awkward uncomfortable feeling you get when you go way overboard! I like to share these moments with you all so that you know it happens to me too! I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t! So what do I do? I get myself back in order and ask the hubby to come up with a detox/diet to get me back in order. I try to stay away from the “D” word, but this is what Ill be doing for the next two weeks:

ABSOLUTELY NO SODAS (I don’t drink them a lot anywho)
Lots of Water ( a goal I’ve always had)
Breakfast that consists of either my Shakeology or Oatmeal
Lunch that consists of light sandwhiches or salads (i know boring but this is only temporary)
Dinner- a meat (no red meat), veggie, and a starch.
Snacks that consits of fruits/vegetables or peanuts/almonds.

This is my 2 week regimen and I think I can stick to it. Already I feel a lot lighter and after going to Zumba yesterday, I think my butt is getting back in gear.

After this 2 week craze of getting my body straight, I’m going to go back to continue my healthy living eating, but not as strict. My husband is pretty fit, and in great shape so I’m taking his word. The overly stuffed feeling does not feel great, and it’s not cute. Therefore, I must get back on track!

What are you doing to keep yourself in check and on a healthy regimen?
I’m trying everyday to be in the best shape I can.  Please join me in my efforts!

Until Next Time, Much Love,


Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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