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Fired up Tuesday!

29 May

Yep, Fired up, which I thought was unusual for a Monday morning,
until I realized that it was Tuesday, due to the fact we remembered all of our awesome service men and women that sacrificed their lives for us yesterday!

Anywho, this morning, my husband tells me I have a “Fire” Dress on.
I’m taking this as a sign that he really likes my dress (let’s hope), or the simple fact that my dress has colors of fire all throughout it. I consider the dress a bit tropical, and I giggled to myself later, when I thought, “I AM Katniss, the girl on fire!” As you can see, I’m currently addicted  to the Hunger Games!

What do you think of my Fire Style? HA HA!

 I decided to use my new BH Cosmetics Party Girl Pallette to do my makeup! I wanted to purchase a pallette that fit my needs, when I wanted to take my makeup with me out of town without carrying way too many products! I love this new pallette!

Aren’t the colors fabulous? It’s everything I need to do cool looks on the go! I’m going out of town this weekend and so happy I don’t have to carry all of my makeup, just this amazing pallette! Right now, it’s going for 10 bucks! Typically it’s 18 dollars which isn’t bad either! I decided to use the reddish/coral color, the striking gold, and the shimmery green! I came up with this:

On another note, I’m also rocking a really awesome new bracelet given to me by my friend/coworker, Ashten. She is the blog queen of  Barefoot N’ Running. Her little cousin is going on the biggest fight for her life! You can read more about it, on Ashten’s blog. Well today, I am more than honored to wear this bracelet for Asher. The bracelet reads,

“In Jesus Name, I pray for, Asher Ray”

If you are interested in donations, and helping this lil girl’s family raise funds for her cause, you can by emailing:

Well that’s it for today folks! Hope your on fire and ready for this week! I am! If you have anymore questions about the makeup or anything feel free to leave a comment!!!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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