W.O.W. 20- Lets Go!

23 May

Yep! Let’s GO!
I just felt motivated this morning to just get even more in gear with this fitness lifestyle thing more than ever!
I’ve been struggiling with cravings, and now part of being a woman has me up on the scale this week, but not by much. I’m making sure to get my water in to help with bloating and flushing out retaining water! That’s right, drinking water, helps you not retain water. (I know, weird!) Why is water so important?

“Water helps your liver convert fat into usable energy. If you don’t drink enough, your kidneys are overwhelmed with concentrated fluids, and they will make your liver do extra work. Your liver works hard to turn your body fat into the energy that you use but if it has to do the kidney’s work, then it simply hold onto the extra fat that would have been burned off if you simply had enough water. ”  -Freedrinkingwater.com

So thankful I finally started drinking water and that it is helping turn my body into a fat burning machine! Now you aren’t just suppose to force your body to drink water, but sip it throughout the day. So I purchased a new water bottle (which I typically hate), and have been keeping track with a handy dandy post it note to remind me when my water intake is low. Now we all know the body will let us know, when we need water, but I need a little bit more help and to keep myself accountable, the post it does it.

New Water Bottle, 12 oz down, so many more to go!

So while I am working on my water intake, I’m also working on cutting down more and having better portions. We all know in today’s society portions are all out of wack! I’m going to work hard to replenish myself after workouts, and give my body more of those good foods as well! I do pretty well on portion control, but I’ve had some bad habits lately that are making losing weigh a lil difficult.

Bad Habits I must Combat:

1. Not eating all day, eating 1 large meal.
2. Sweet Cravings
3. Overeating

I haven’t been going to crazy with these bad habits, but they are definitely something I really need to work on (ESPECIALLY Number 1). Number 2, I don’t struggle with as much but it’s something I could improve on. Overeating, well I think this could be a result of not eating enough in other areas. Anywho, it’s what I’m committing myself to work on! I’m not letting myself get beat up by the scale either! I WILL SUCCEED!

You will too. Remember,

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