BAD Cravings…

14 May

I keep asking myself what my problem is.
I’ve been craving the worst foods lately.
You name it, I’ve been craving it.
Pizza, Chinese Food, Ice Cream, Nachos.
Yep it’s bad, real bad.

I’ve given into a few of my cravings. I had Pizza over the weekend, some chinese food, and I’m not eating Ice Cream.

I know you are thinking, how am I suppose to look for you to motivation, when you aren’t doing so well yourself.

Well folks, I’m human.
And that’s why I wanted to post my honest thoughts and cravings today.
I want you to know that while I’m losing weight and seeing results, that I to have moments.

That’s the tricky thing about a lifestyle change. You make changes, you try best to reach your goals,
but sometimes you slip up. But that’s okay. You just have to get on the bike and keep going again.
I plan on working out today extra hard, and maybe, just maybe, this week Ill cut back more just to clean my system out. There is nothing wrong with a good detox for the body!!!

I just want to remind you to stay encouraged, that it doesn’t matter if you have a mess up or a slip up,
what’s important is that you keep going!!!!

Until Next Time, Much Love, Mrs. SPJ 🙂


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