W.O.W. 18

9 May

Well, I did it.
I got on the scale this morning.
Although I was only about 2 lbs lighter through this past 4 weeks,
Im happy.
You see, the scale didn’t tell me much.
I went and tried on some clothes during this time, and let me tell you, I had to get a smaller size in shirts and bottoms. I’ve noticed my strength has improved, and I’m quite toned.  I put my hand on my hip the other day, and had to look and make sure I was touching my hip! Also, some pants I wore last month, well let’s just say….

This is what I mean when I say it is important to pay attention to how your clothes fit and how you feel, not just a simply number on a scale.  I even had a co worker tell me that I’m going to have to get rid of these pants eventually. (Not saddened by it at all)

So I’m going to continue to do the whole scale thing, but what I won’t do, is become overly obsessive with it. I won’t stress if I haven’t lost weight, or if I’ve gained weight. Although a pound is a pound is a pound, it makes a difference if I gained 4 pounds of muscle and dropped a pound in fat. I want that muscle! I’m also trying to stop myself from being calorie obsessed. I find myself from time to time doing that, and it disgusts me. We should be able to enjoy food, enjoy life, and not beat ourselves up about it but to be responsible……

I tried one of the new Subway Fresh Fit Subs, The Smokehouse BBQ Chicken. It was pretty good and tasty, but I’m not a fan of slightly cold subs. I had it toasted but it could have been a little bit hotter for me.  It was tasty though and with only 380 calories, I figured why not try it?

I’ve also tried a new way of encouraging my water intake. Whatcha think?

When it is low, it drives me crazy! This was my water intake as of 1:00 yesterday, I was pretty happy! Today, I’m trying to get there but just a bit slower… What are you doing to make sure you are getting your water intake?

How is your healthy lifestyle going? I’m always looking for new tips and recipes!

Well Until Next Time, Much Love,

Healthy Living!

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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