Tired Tuesday, 2

1 May

New York & Co Fun!

Why is it that when I come to you all on Tuesday I’m just plain tired?
Is it because I do so much?
Or is it simply because Saturday and Sundays are typically rest days from working out, and Monday is my day back?
My friend  (and zumba instructor), Julie typically kicks booty especially on Mondays, it’s like she’s saying, “COME ON LET’S GET IN SHAPE”!
That’s what I love about her!
She even encouraged me to continue to wear shorts although I HATE my legs. 🙂

I’m continuing to work hard, but don’t get me wrong, I still have the things I love from time to time! For example, on Friday I got to have CHEESE DIP! I loveeeeee Mexican Cheese Dip but it is something I can’t indulge in often due to what it does to my waistline! I worked this weekend, but made sure not to eat anything too crazy! I actually made some delicious Chicken Tortellini. It is definitely one of those indulging recipes, but I made sure I made room for it! You see, there is nothing wrong with indulging here and there as long as you are careful with the other choices you make.

Chicken Tortellini was rather simple and delicious! I simply seasoned some chicken, breaded it using milk, italian seasonings, and some cheese! I then made some broccoli and cheese, and boiled some cheese filled tortellini! Can we say DELIGHTFUL!?!?

If you want a recipe, and want to try it yourself, you should! It’s rather easy and inexpensive!!! Check out the recipe I used below 🙂                                   Chicken Tortellini Recipe

You know I love sharing things with you all!

I swear I love food, and I love fashion as well! I got some really great deals at New York & Company (I practically live in that store) Just check out what I purchased below:

New York & Co. Fun!

Thats 2 beautiful summer scarves, some skinny jeans, two classic shirts for work, and then some city cash to go along with that! My total was about 55 bucks, and then to think I get $15 dollars that I can use to purchase something else that cost 30 dollars! Oh how I love city cash!

They always have great deals! Buy one get one half off, 40% markdowns, 50% sales, you just have to go and see what’s out there! I’m all about fashion but finding it affordable! Just wanted you to know they are having a really great sale now, that you should take advantage of!

Today, since I’m rocking black and grey, I thought one of the scarves I purchased would give me just the right amount of splash of color!
Of course, I used the scarf as inspiration for my eye shadow look! It’s a mixture of greens and turquoise from Spectrum Cosmetics!!! You know I can’t get enough of that makeup either!

With that being said, what is one of your favorite recipes? What is your go to spring look?

Until Next Time, Much Love, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

2 Responses to “Tired Tuesday, 2”

  1. sismocha May 1, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

    The recipe sounds good, I would just modify it so that I wouldn’t feel guilty for eating it. Grill chicken with no breading, and maybe marinara sauce instead of cheese. Thanks for the idea! I love the scarf, and the eye shadow. Looking good girl! I have been doing Zumba, and it kick my butt!! Not sure if I like it because it kicks my butt, one thing about it though is I am dripping with sweat by the time class is over.


    • SPJ May 1, 2012 at 2:10 pm #

      It was soooo good! I’ve decided not to cut back or eat anything crazy that I’m not going to eat for the rest of my life! I want to lose weight, but if I were eating super healthy non stop, that’s not something I’m going to stick with. So I’m trying to do something reasonable. I loveeee Zumba! You should come with me sometime! I go Saturday mornings at 9!


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