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W.O.W. 21- Mind Over Matter

30 May

Hey Folks!
So I was catching up on Grey’s Anatomy (I’m a lil behind) and I saw the episode where Grey is having a moment. She isn’t feeling well, she has to take the boards, and she’s just feeling overwhelmed it seems and ready to give up. Christina, turns to her and says,
“Mind Over Matter”.

I tell ya, that one part has stuck with me all week. It’s what I keep telling myself when it comes to this journey I’m on of losing weight, being the best woman I can be, and discovering all that life has to offer each day.

Mind Over Matter.

This term can mean so much, yet it is quite simple. I have the capability and the power to do anything I put my mind to despite what my current situation or conditions may be.  Because with the power of God working through me, I have the power of changing the way I look at things, and pushing myself to higher levels each and everyday.

This means, that I am stronger than any obstacle or situation. Although I may feel physically weak, I have the ability to think positive, push, and prevail.

I’ve even heard some say, if you don’t mind it, it doesn’t matter.

So yes! I’m using this not only in my life journey but in this battle against weight and being healthy!

I’m stronger than any craving.
I’m stronger than any emotional eating.
I’m stronger than the people around me who say I’ll never make it.
I can make things happen.
I will make things happen.

Afterall, I’m focusing and putting my mind on the things that matter the most.

I may have had weak moments (we all do), but it’s during that time, I’m going to tell myself it’s “Mind Over Matter”, and I’m going to push through.

So far I’m already down 1 lb since last week, and I’m still pushing through.

So I encourage you today, to hold on to hope.


This weight loss thing isn’t easy, but it gets easier as time goes.

Not to mention, you will discover a new way of embracing life as  healthier, lighter, you. You will look at yourself in the mirror currently and see BEAUTY, not pick yourself a part. But after you see Beauty, you will look and find POTENTIAL.
We all have it.
You may not be where you want to be, but you have the power to make it happen.
I believe in you and I believe in myself.
Let’s conquer this weight loss thing together.

Like my friend Ashten says,

One. Step. At. A. Time.

Until Next Time, Much Love, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Fired up Tuesday!

29 May

Yep, Fired up, which I thought was unusual for a Monday morning,
until I realized that it was Tuesday, due to the fact we remembered all of our awesome service men and women that sacrificed their lives for us yesterday!

Anywho, this morning, my husband tells me I have a “Fire” Dress on.
I’m taking this as a sign that he really likes my dress (let’s hope), or the simple fact that my dress has colors of fire all throughout it. I consider the dress a bit tropical, and I giggled to myself later, when I thought, “I AM Katniss, the girl on fire!” As you can see, I’m currently addicted  to the Hunger Games!

What do you think of my Fire Style? HA HA!

 I decided to use my new BH Cosmetics Party Girl Pallette to do my makeup! I wanted to purchase a pallette that fit my needs, when I wanted to take my makeup with me out of town without carrying way too many products! I love this new pallette!

Aren’t the colors fabulous? It’s everything I need to do cool looks on the go! I’m going out of town this weekend and so happy I don’t have to carry all of my makeup, just this amazing pallette! Right now, it’s going for 10 bucks! Typically it’s 18 dollars which isn’t bad either! I decided to use the reddish/coral color, the striking gold, and the shimmery green! I came up with this:

On another note, I’m also rocking a really awesome new bracelet given to me by my friend/coworker, Ashten. She is the blog queen of  Barefoot N’ Running. Her little cousin is going on the biggest fight for her life! You can read more about it, on Ashten’s blog. Well today, I am more than honored to wear this bracelet for Asher. The bracelet reads,

“In Jesus Name, I pray for, Asher Ray”

If you are interested in donations, and helping this lil girl’s family raise funds for her cause, you can by emailing:

Well that’s it for today folks! Hope your on fire and ready for this week! I am! If you have anymore questions about the makeup or anything feel free to leave a comment!!!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Shopping Sneak Peak

24 May

Hey guys!
So I will admit, I LOVE to Shop!
However, I haven’t been doing as much shopping because my husband and I have been saving for a couple of trips coming up! We will be going to the Outlets the week after next, and then hopefully a trip home! I’m getting so excited!
However, I’ve been running across some great deals lately, and what better time to shop than Memorial Day Weekend? You will find some great deals out there! I just wanted to share a few with you!


You guys know I love it! For Memorial Day Weekend, BH Cosmetics is having a Memorial Day Sale with most of their products 35% to 45% off! They have a 120 Color Palette 5th Edition that usually retails for $34.95 on sale for $19.22 and the sales don’t end there!!




You guys know I LOVEEEEEE clothes! Especially those from New York & Company! Some people tell me that NY & Co clothes are expensive but they really aren’t. You are getting great deals and if you wait until they send you a coupon (they always do), you will get even BETTER DEALS! For Memorial Day, they have a great deal! Everything is Buy One Get One 75% off with Free Shipping on Orders over $100! Also, until Tomorrow you can utilize this great coupon, Memorial Day Getaway Sale Coupon!

Another of my loves! New York & Company has some great accessories for sale! Also, Charming Charlie has been having a lot of great  sales! They may not advertise them on their website, but they have a lot of jewelry half price and their normal prices are VERY reasonable! Not to mention they offer a $5 Ground Shipping Rate which is awesome!

Only 12.97!

Only $7.97!

Only $14.97!

See! There are some great shopping items out there and they won’t break your budget! You know I always want us to be fashion forward and not break the bank trying to do so!!!! Hopefully in the future, Ill be able to giveaway some cool jewelry to some of my subscribers! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

I only wanted to list 3 things, because they are the 3 things I love the most! Another great find, is HAUTELOOK. Haute Look is a members-only shopping website offering limited-time sale events with top brands in women’s and men’s fashion, jewelry and accessories! They will have Designer brands at REALLY LOW prices! If you are interested in getting their emails, leave your email address and Ill refer you! It doesn’t cost to join, but it’s a great company!
Well that’s it for now. Where do you like to shop? What good deals do you find? Please inform me because I love to find new places!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

W.O.W. 20- Lets Go!

23 May

Yep! Let’s GO!
I just felt motivated this morning to just get even more in gear with this fitness lifestyle thing more than ever!
I’ve been struggiling with cravings, and now part of being a woman has me up on the scale this week, but not by much. I’m making sure to get my water in to help with bloating and flushing out retaining water! That’s right, drinking water, helps you not retain water. (I know, weird!) Why is water so important?

“Water helps your liver convert fat into usable energy. If you don’t drink enough, your kidneys are overwhelmed with concentrated fluids, and they will make your liver do extra work. Your liver works hard to turn your body fat into the energy that you use but if it has to do the kidney’s work, then it simply hold onto the extra fat that would have been burned off if you simply had enough water. ”

So thankful I finally started drinking water and that it is helping turn my body into a fat burning machine! Now you aren’t just suppose to force your body to drink water, but sip it throughout the day. So I purchased a new water bottle (which I typically hate), and have been keeping track with a handy dandy post it note to remind me when my water intake is low. Now we all know the body will let us know, when we need water, but I need a little bit more help and to keep myself accountable, the post it does it.

New Water Bottle, 12 oz down, so many more to go!

So while I am working on my water intake, I’m also working on cutting down more and having better portions. We all know in today’s society portions are all out of wack! I’m going to work hard to replenish myself after workouts, and give my body more of those good foods as well! I do pretty well on portion control, but I’ve had some bad habits lately that are making losing weigh a lil difficult.

Bad Habits I must Combat:

1. Not eating all day, eating 1 large meal.
2. Sweet Cravings
3. Overeating

I haven’t been going to crazy with these bad habits, but they are definitely something I really need to work on (ESPECIALLY Number 1). Number 2, I don’t struggle with as much but it’s something I could improve on. Overeating, well I think this could be a result of not eating enough in other areas. Anywho, it’s what I’m committing myself to work on! I’m not letting myself get beat up by the scale either! I WILL SUCCEED!

You will too. Remember,

My Biggest Enemy

22 May

It’s not a giant.
It’s not some person I simply disagree with.
It’s not even myself.
In fact it goes even deeper than that.
My biggest enemy is…

Not this girl pictured, but the state of emotion she is currently in.
I wouldn’t say that I’m a scary person (ok maybe just a lil bit),
but I fear a lot of things.

I fear waterbugs.
I fear tornadoes.
I fear pitch darkness.
I fear losing those I love.
I fear really scary roller coasters (Hence, the Texas Giant).
I fear life.

In a sense at least. It seems that I tend to allow fear to control so much of my life, and everyday I try to work harder in getting over my fears.

For instance, I try harder to get close to waterbugs without having an anxiety attack. My hubby keeps saying, they are just bugs but somehow in my mind, I’m convinced they are these large monsters out to eat me alive.

Tornadoes, I’m learning are a part of living in AR. I’ve managed to not go crazy when I hear those sirens go off.
(Something completely new to me when I moved here)

I sleep in the darkness. The darkness is still. There is an akward peace to find there.

I’m also learning to find the tiny glimpses of light that peak through the darkness.

Losing those you love is a part of life. I know it’s something you can’t fear, and knowing that there is a really cool guy upstairs taking care of us all, kind of makes it easier 🙂

Scary rollercoasters? Well at least I have actually been on a few of them. I don’t know if I’ve necessarily conquered this fear, but it’s something in life I don’t HAVE to do. And thats OK.

Life. I don’t necessarily fear all of life, but sometimes I fear so much it seems like I am afraid of everything. I have got to do better about this. I know that God wouldn’t give me anything that I couldn’t handle, but the thought of conquering some things makes me quiver.

I read a really great article on fear once, that talked about how Fear is good and  feeling fear is okay: 9.Fear from the Healing Eagle

However,  Fear cannot control us.
It can’t control all the decisions we make, why we choose to do things or not.
It can’t have us constantly looking over our backs or avoiding things that may be the best thing to ever happen to us.

I challenge you to conquer your fears. To meet them head on, and to not let them consume you. It’s something I’m determined to not let take over my life.

Today, I stand firm, and my thoughts of fear can best be addressed in this simple quote:

“I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.”

Frank Herbert
Until Next Time Much Love,  Mrs. SPJ 🙂


21 May

Hey Guys!

Sorry, it’s been a few days since I’ve posted!
I’ve been really busy with work and too tired at work to even comment,
BUT I wanted to give you all a Hair Update!
Many of you know how hard it is to grow out a cut, and I’m happy to say
with great hair care and Hairfinity, I’m finally getting to a point where I’m embracing my hair!

So for those of you who have been following my progress, I just recently got a relaxer! I wanted to show you my progress from my 1st relaxer before starting Hairfinity until now

Relaxer BEFORE Hairfinity

Before really developing a great Hair Regimen, and dealing with a short cut I didn’t know WHAT to do with, I realized short hair was not for me. Yes it was cute, but I didn’t know how to manage it, and this made it disastrous for me. I decided it was time for me to grow my hair out and really learn how to take care of my hair. Now, I’m in my 4th month of Hairfinity, and just got a relaxer. Since I’ve started taking care of my hair, I’m now growing healthy hair and loving it!!!!!

In my 4th month of Hairfinity AFTER Relaxer

Sorry, I’m not smiling in my most recent photo! I was tired! Long day of working and getting hair done, but look at all that hair growth! It usually takes me forever to grow out my hair and in a short time, I was able to grow it longer than I even expected! The cool thing is, this is my hair growing out on top of having to get it cut a few times so that the cut would grow out properly! I’m telling you ladies, you take the time to truly care for your hair, make sure it’s moisturized and you aren’t using harsh chemicals on your hair, you will see growth and a change in the strength and overall feeling of your hair! I’m hoping to continue on my hair journey and to grow my hair out and eventually let the tapered back section of my hair grow out. It has grown out tremendously but being that my hair was still short in the back I had to keep it cut down a bit!

I’m truly happy with my progress and willing to help any of you that are interested to see progress as well! Do you have any hair questions? I’d be more than willing to answer them!

Until Next Time, Much Love, MRS. SPJ:)

Hair Products:
Essentious Hair Products
Organic Cocnut Oil
Argan Oil
Mizani Relaxer (every 6-8 weeks)


W.O.W. 19- Cravings Suck!

16 May

I swear I don’t know what my problem is.
I’ve been doing so well, but lately I’ve been craving foods in a way that I want them everyday which is not me. (TYPICALLY)
I swear, right now alone I’m craving Ice Cream and Mac and Cheese!
I’m not pregnant, nor do I need either one of them but I’m craving them.
I’m learning how to manage my cravings, but lately they’ve been driving me just a lil insane.
Last night, I gave in to my cravings, due to the fact I had a ridiculously hard workout, and all I wanted was fries covered in cheese and bacon. Wrong on so many levels, but right what I wanted (lol)
I know I must do better, and I’m attempting to, but now that I’m seeing results, doesn’t mean I can just eat what I want.
Having a healthy lifestyle, doesn’t work like that…
It’s all about choices right?

I promise to at least and try to make better choices. It’s not that I’m making horrible choices, but I definitely could do better…

As far as the scale is concerned, I’m not going to be addicted to it, because it won’t make me feel better, however I will get on it every other week to keep track of my weight. I’m not going to completely do away with it.
Also, I’m going to continue to see where I can cut back extra fat, and UP my water intake. We all know that we need a decent amount of water (typically about 😯 oz. which may seem like a lot, but we do so much, we need to replenish our body!!!

So What Have I decided to do?

Not be a scale hugger.
Purchase More Lunch Food (sometimes my downfall is going out)
Push myself harder in workouts
Get AT LEAST 75 oz of water a day (that’s alot!)
Kick some of these crazy cravings in the butt!

Those are my goals for now.
What are your fitness goals? Maybe we can help each other achieve them!

Until Next Time, Much Love, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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