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Friday and Pooped!

13 Apr

That’s right.
I can barely keep my eyes open!
I guess thats due to me staying up a lil later to watch America’s Next Top Model despite the fact I wanted to go workout around 6am this morning! I actually went and enjoyed myself! My friend Stacy was there, and boy is he a motivator! I think he even causes me to motivate myself even more!

On another note, It’s friday, and my brain is slightly fried. I don’t know if it’s due to the fact that it’s simply Friday, or if it’s because we had a potluck at work yesterday, that has caused EVERYONE to be a bit on the sleepy side. So not much going on, but I have a few things I look forward to sharing with you on my blog:

1. I’m planning a new giveaway. Maybe not a big one, but hey, there is nothing like free right?
2. I’m thinking of giving my blog a facelift in the next month or so. Any suggestions?
3. I’m going to be reviewing some products, and telling you all about it!
4. I think I’m going to incorporate more style info as well since I do believe I have somewhat of a style 🙂

On an additional note, I’ve been having lots of fun with pinterest and finding some really cool things to pin and try out. I’m so in love with the inspirational stuff they feature!! Check out some of my fav pins:


SO TRUE! Well that’s it for now folks!!!! Hopefully Ill have more to share with you next week and be energized to do so!!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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