Emotional but Stylish

3 Apr

Hey there!

Don’t worry folks. Nothing wrong.
I just get super emotional around this time.
Don’t get me wrong, I love God 24/7 365 days but when it gets right around Easter, it’s like it hits me…
I start thinking about the sacrifice, the blood shed, the long journey. It just messes me up emotionally.
Especially because I know it was something done just for me. I can’t think of a better gift. I’m super thankful.

I’ve been a relaxed state all day. Feeling super cute! I decided to wear my sassy but comfy orange heels I told you guys about awhile ago! I think my little outfit turned out pretty cute! Orange Shoes, Orange Shirt. Yeah I’m pretty matchy matchy today but I’m loving it! It looks so wonderful with my tan khakis! I also opted for a subtle makeup look. Just a splash of coral mixed with Gold!

See! Bright and Springy! Just the way I planned! I’m learning how to mixup my wardrobe a bit. How are you bringing in Spring with your wardrobe? I’m always looking to find new tips and techniques. If you have any suggestions, please by all means share them!!! Gap has some really cute shorts, I’m eying but I haven’t made a decision yet. We shall see! I’m still trying to lose 20 plus pounds so I’m hesitant in buying too many bottoms. I want to be smart! (I’m claiming it!)

Anywho, I really have no words for today, but to tell you to enjoy the spring, fill your wardrobe with bright items and it will make you feel better. Last but not least, be thankful for the life you have. Someone died for it.

I’m going to leave this video with you. It’s such a beautiful expression of love for God. It’s one of the greatest songs on James Fortune & Fiya’s “Identity” album.


Until Next Time, Mrs. SPJ

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