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26 Apr

Yep, that’s right.
I survived my husbands workout yesterday.
It was tough, it was cruel, but I managed to push through it!
It included a very short distance run (that took my breath away)
and some serious total body circuit training.
So YES! I woke up sore, but I worked hard. There were times I wanted to quit yesterday and even times I thought about cheating, but then I realized I would be cheating myself, and I think that’s the worst. I made it through and plan to do it next week as well. It’s always good to add something into your workout, and my husband (even though I hate admitting it), knows what he is doing.

With such a great workout yesterday, I thought I’d get quite cute today and wear a dress I haven’t worn in quite some time!
Whatcha think?

When I first put this dress on, it was rather tight, but now it fits great!!! As you see, I’m still growing my hair out, and doing everything I can to be my fabulous self! What about you all? Do you have a favorite style? Dress? I’d love to hear more about it!!!!

Well that’s it for now! Just wanted to drop in a line, to let you know about the workout with the hubby and more of my commitment to myself!!!

Until Next Time, Much Love 🙂

W.O.W. 16 Still, No Scale

25 Apr

Yep! Another day and Still no scale being used to track weight loss.
It’s been awkward, and YES I’ve had the strong urge to get on the scale. However,   I don’t know if it would tell me much right now due to the changes happening cannot be shown with a scale.

What changes?

1. My clothes are feeling a lot better than normal!
2. I touched my legs yesterday, and they felt like stone! For a minute, I had to check to make sure I had my hands on my legs! (LOL)
3. I’ve put on clothes that I haven’t seen myself wear in quite some time!
4. My strength has increased! I’ve noticed it in picking up simple things as well as things that would typically be very heavy for me. I think that’s an awesome change because at times I feel as if I’m a bit on the weaker side!

So I’m loving those changes! I even had someone tell me, you know, you may be the same weight, but in the last week or so, you have definitely toned up! With that being said, I’ve made a commitment to myself that if I get back on the scale, and it says the same weight, I’m going to try my HARDEST to not be disappointed, but to find joy in the fact that I’ve made progress that a “stupid” scale simply cannot measure!

On another note, I’m still attempting to make better food choices. I’ve even tried some new protein shakes, but Ill tell you more about that next week!

Until Next Time, Happy Weight loss! Let’s do this!

Mrs. SPJ:)

Tip of the Week:

If it’s about developing a healthy lifestyle, you have to still have the things you love! For instance, I’m a sucker for Chic-Fil-A Sweet Tea (or any delicious sweet tea!) Instead of having a monstrous Sweet Tea from McDonald’s that’s loaded with a whopping 230 calories and 38 grams of sugar. If you opt for a small tea from chic-fil-a, with only 90 calories and 24 g of sugar! Still quite amount of sugar, but the way I see it is you are still having something you love and cutting back! Just something to think about and remember!!!!

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.”
~Jim Rohn

Tired Tuesday, Fab Hair!

24 Apr

Yep that’s it!
I’m feeling super duper tired today! I’ve just been so super busy at work, I just can’t seem to get myself together! I pushed myself really hard in Zumba and that may have a lot to do with it, but also at work, I was moving boxes, and it just put me a lil beyond tired last night. I remember going up to the bedroom and laying down on the bed for a second. Before I knew it, it was 6am this morning!!! That goes to show you exactly how tired I was!

On another note, I’m still working hard to take care of this hair of mine! I’m still taking those Hairfinity pills, and getting ready to order another bottle. I think it’s an overall awesome Vitamin, and it’s just a plus that it is helping my hair grow back! Here I am at the end of my 3rd month, and I’m still pleased with the results! Check me out:

Before Hairfinity

Finishing my 3rd bottle

Although my hair is a bit on the wild side in the last picture, you can truly see that it has grown! I have even added a bit of color to it to make it darker! It’s fuller and much healthier than it was in the previous picture! My goal has been to really grow out this haircut and see what I can do with my hair! I’ve continued to use the Essentious Line of products (love them) and they truly work! They keep your hair clean and moisturized without stripping the hair of it’s natural oils! Due to me working out so much, I make sure to keep my hair wrapped during workouts and that is under a silk scarf. After I leave the gym, I make sure that my hair is dry and I put coconut oil on it as well.

Ladies, as always you can still get your Free Hair Regimen! AT NO COST TO YOU! and YES, this is for ALL Hair types! All you have to do is go here:
Free Hair Care Regimen

You know I’m constantly looking out for my lovely ladies! That is why I was so happy to giveaway some eye shadow to you all on Friday! I promise you, I love giveaways and will be doing them from time to time!

What is your go to hairstyle? How do you take care of your hair? I would love to know!

Until Next Time, Much Love, MRS. SPJ 🙂

Happy Healthy Hair Growing 🙂

Turning 10, Fun, & More!

20 Apr

Today I turn 10 years old.
Well, not in age, but I’ve been a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc for 10 years today! I feel so blessed to simply be on this earth this year, but even more blessed that I joined an organization of such great, classy, intelligent, hard working women. In honor of the greatest sorority, I found the best quote this morning:

“Sisterhood is many things. It’s a warm smile on a cold and rainy day, a friendly hug, a cheerful hello… It’s all that a good and lasting friendship is, only better. It’s treasured. It’s sacred. It’s knowing that there will always be someone there for you. It’s dreams shared, and goals achieved. It’s counting on others and being counted on. It is real.”

Yep. I joined a sisterhood. A sisterhood that has grown, help me grow, taught me so much about life, and what it means to be a part of something bigger than yourself. For that, Ill be forever grateful, and I love my sorority sisters!

On another note, I’m so ready for the weekend! I even have a short to do list:

1.Clean My House
2. Try some new protein shakes
3. Do a bit of Spring Cleaning (Closet, Makeup, etc)
4. Pick out some beautiful flowers for the yard
5. Sing for Round 9 of the CreeIngles Idol Search (I’m the last female standing)

Yep, sounds like a plan.

What are your plans for the weekend?

I’m so grateful for a chance to just get some things done this weekend. I’m also grateful for a small giveaway.

1. Orange & Lavender Lip Balm
2. French Lavender
3. Copper
4. Gold Dust
5. Pink Tulip
6. Mermaid

Yep! That’s right! I love my readers so much, that when Madison Street Beauty had a big sale, I couldn’t pass up some of the colors! They had many samples on sale so I picked up 5 eye shadows and an Orange & Lavender Lip Balm! I purchased a small sample for myself and I loved it! I was very impressed with the pigmentation and how great the colors looked on my skin! I wanted you all to share in my join, after all I’m turning “10” today. So here is how it’s going to work. The first 3 people to leave a comment on my blog saying  what you like most  about my blog and what 2 samples you would like to try, can have it! Again these are just samples, but they have not been used. I simply wanted to open them so I could show you the colors! I gave some to my friend Stefanie, and she loved them! I would love your thoughts on the makeup as well! So leave a comment below, and for the first 3, enjoy your makeup!

Until Next Time, Much Love, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

So Strategic

19 Apr

I swear,  this has been my word this year in reference to the most high.
I mean just think about it.

1. The world is saddened at the loss of “The Voice”, Whitney Houston, in February 2012.  Millions of viewers  tuned in to watch, but I believe some of them got more than they bargained for. They didn’t just have a home going for Whitney,  everyone who watched (including myself), went to church. God was ever-present and I believe touching people all over the place. I cried, I laughed, and I truly remember the words of Tyler Perry. You can hear his words below:

2. Let’s look at Jeremy Lin.
He has been the New York Knick’s main attraction lately.He received no athletic scholarships from high school, he was undrafted in college, and was assigned to the NBA Development League 3 times. He was known as a player who played sparingly and then out of nowhere he becomes a star player since he led the losing Knicks to a seven-game winning streak and scored at least 20 points in six games straight. Then he starts sharing his faith with the world and crediting God for his success.

3. Then there’s Tim Tebow.  While his mom was pregnant with him, she suffered a life-threatening infection and experienced a severe placental abruption. The doctors expected her to have a stillbirth and recommended abortion, but she decided against it, and Tim was born.  He grew up homeschooled and rooted in faith. He has been noted as one of the greatest college football quarterbacks of all time, a 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, a national champion , and a current Denver Broncos first round draft pick. During college Tebow would always wear biblical verses in his eye paint. During a championship game in 2009, he wore John 3:16 on his face under his eye. When that occurred, that verse was searched in Google for the next 24 hours 90 million times. Every time he would put a verse under his eye, the same occurred.  He even started a trend that people have called “Tebowing” (I call it praying), and it’s been defined as when you start praying even when everyone else around you is doing something different. Although I thought it strange at first, I said whatever it takes to get folks to pray and closer to God, works for me.

4. God is also strategic in placing people at the right time. Many of you who read my blog, I’m sure remember the “tire incident” where a man just came out of nowhere and fixed my tire 🙂 If that isn’t strategy I don’t know what is!

5. Then there’s today. I got in  to work this morning, and I thought hmm what should my status be today? In my spirit, I sensed “Leave him”. I thought, okay those words are definitely not for me, so what does that mean? Then the thought or feeling came to me again. I thought, okay I don’t understand this, I don’t know why I’m getting the urge to post this , but okay I’m going to do it.

Leave him. Sometimes things come in your spirit, and you don’t know why they do, but I had the strong urge to tell someone to leave him. You know it’s not right, so now you’ve just gotta let it go. There, I shared it.

A few minutes passed and I thought, well maybe its just something I should have said, then I received a pop-up message from a girl I know, and this was our conversation:

CCM: Wow! I needed that status right now. I was just praying about it and your status just popped up!

MRSSPJ: It just came in my spirit. God works like that

CCM: That was incredible and a fast answer to a prayer:)

MRSSPJ: I was sitting here and it was like a thought, a whisper, “Leave him” and I’m like okay that’s not for me. It came right as I was updating my status and I was like what should i put this morning… and I thought, okay I know this isn’t for me, and it came again, so I shared it…Thought it was a bit different, but decided to share it anyways. Well I hope whatever it is, it all works out. God knows you are too beautiful and sweet to have to deal with someone’s mess.

CCM:Well thank you for that! Sometimes I need to actually see the ”sign” right in front of me.

MRSSPJ: I understand. Sometimes we all need that 🙂

So my status was for a reason. It touched someone. Someone needed to hear that. I even had someone send me a “thanks for this” message as well.  It just goes to show you, that not only is God strategic, but that he uses people to ultimately share his love, get his message out, and save people from this crazy world. He will use you as a vessel to touch others and to spread his love.  He may be trying to tell you or show you something, but are you hearing him? Are you listening to him? It’s something to think about. So be open to being used by him, and pay close attention to what he’s doing. He has been moving and shaking things for years, we just have to open our eyes and take notice of it.

Be blessed!

Until Next Time, Much Love, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

W.O.W 15-No Scale

18 Apr

So I did it.
I made it through my first week without getting on the scale.
It was rather hard. You know? Because you wanna see your progress,
you wanna see where you are at, but the number on the scale has a way of
making us feel horrible, when we are actually doing great.
So I vowed last week, that for the next 2 weeks, it would be no scale for me.
I’m going to base my progress on how I feel overall, how I look, and what my heart says.
I recently read an article, that pretty much summed up my reaction to the scale in the morning:

“You weigh first thing in the morning before you have had anything to eat or drink.
You go to the bathroom before you weigh, and you are naked so that you are the lightest possible weight.
You even remove your earrings.
If you don’t like what you see you get on and off the scales, hoping that the number will change. You may even move the scale, trying to convince yourself that the floor may not be level.If you’re lighter, it’s a good day! You’re happy! You tell yourself that you’ve been good.
If you’re heavier, your day is a complete loss and you are ready to abandon any thoughts of nutrition and binge your way through the day. You tell yourself you’ve been bad.There’s that all-or-nothing-thinking leading you in the wrong direction. Don’t let it.Don’t let the number on the scale control you.   – Healthy-Eating-Support, Lynn

 I read this article and thought, yep that’s totally me. That’s how I react, and I definitely don’t get it when I know I feel differently. The article continues on to say we should rely on the methods on how we feel and what the mirror tells us. So with that, I’ve been committed to spending the next two weeks focusing on those things. I can tell you one thing, I’m feeling different and I even notice a difference. Some of my workout clothes are getting very loose around the waist. I had on pants yesterday that use to be really tight, and they were very baggy. I feel lighter, and my face is slimming up a bit. I’ve even had several people tell me, that I’m becoming skinny (which I’m not, but I appreciate it!), and people in my Zumba class telling me that I’m looking great! So I definitely see why its important to pay attention how you look and feel rather than the scale.  Not to mention, that the numbers on the scale can change so easily!! For instance, you have water weight, salt intake, hormonal changes, medication, etc to name a few! So why base all your hard work on something that can change and you have no control over! Just something to think about!!!

So there you have it. I encourage you to try and step away from the scale. I mean it is a great guiding tool, but it can’t be the end all be all! With that, I leave you with some inspiring quotes:

“Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.” ~Mark Victor Hansen

Have a good day folks! Stay motivated! I’m gonna do my best to do the same!

Until Next Time, Much Love, Mrs. SPJ 🙂


Soup is my friend

17 Apr

Hey good People!

I hope you all are having a fabulous day! Did I tell you all how much I love you? I’ve been getting messages, emails, and more from many of you telling me how much you love my blog, how much you enjoy reading it, etc. Let me say THANK YOU! Thank you for being willing to be a part of my life.  Thank you for leaving comments, for sharing your thoughts, for being a part of this whole thing. I truly appreciate it.

I got an extra special message yesterday from Kadeejia,  one of my readers! It made my day and it made me smile! I went to school with Kadeejia, and while we may not have been close, I have always respected her and her willingness to try new things, speak her mind, and be friendly to others.
I checked out her page, and Kadeejia has a really cool blog dedicated to blogging,marketing, social media, and being a your own boss!  She gives lots of cool tips and advice and is also a Scentsy seller! Check out her blog here: PaidMommy

On another note, I’m still striving to feel and look my best! In that case, today’s lunch is from the Whole Foods Market!

I opted for Mississippi Style Grilled Chicken. It’s basically grilled chicken only seasoned with light salt and pepper! I thought it was the perfect healthy option! My second choice, was a small cup of Cheese Steak Soup! Let me just tell you, it was DELICIOUS!

We all know how fattening a cheesesteak can be, so I thought hmm let’s try out this soup! I decided to get a small size that way I wasnt consuming too many calories! Although I didn’t eat the whole thing, it was great! It had everything a cheesesteak consists of, a few chunks of steak, cheese, onions, green peppers, all put together in a savory soup! It was so delicious! I know this isn’t something I can have everyday, but it was truly something I enjoyed! Afterall soup is our friend. I haven’t always been a fan of soup, but I’m becoming one. With soup, I can get full without all of the calories a meal typically calls for. Soups can also be a sneaky little thing because they do have calories, but as long as you eat them in moderation, you can get full off of something that tastes great and won’t hurt your waistline as much! So yes, I’m learning to embrace soup and have it as a dear friend! I recently just purchased some soups in the store (lower sodium of course), and I can’t wait to try them out.  For those of you wanting to try it out, I did a search on google, and there are several recipes!

Again, I just thank you for being interested in me, in my journey, in what I have to say, and for that, I have a little surprise:)

For now, it’s a secret, but Ill give ya a hint:


Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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