Patty’s Day & More

20 Mar

Gosh it seems like it’s been forever and I have so much to tell you!
I created a post on Friday but apparently, it never was published (thanks horrible phone!)
Therefore, I’m going to have to wrap up my adventures since Friday!!

Had a wonderful half day at work! It included a festive lunch at Copelands with my beautiful co workers which included some special treats of everything against my diet but it was still in moderation and awesome! Our waiter had this raspy voice that just kept us entertained!

Afterwards, I was able to get my hair done! It looks fabulous and full thanks to my wonderful stylist and hairfinity!

Afterwards, I went to Dillard’s “Fit for a Cure” event. This is a bra fitting event where Dillard’s donates $2 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for every woman fitted in the store and an additional $2 for every bra purchased. Let me tell you, I thought I was wearing the right size bra, the right kind, and BOY WAS I WRONG!! After being properly fitted, I spent about 130 for 3 bras but it was TOTALLY worth it. For one, I think the “girls” look so much better, and I encourage you to let every woman you know that it is IMPERATIVE to get a proper fitting bra! I wish I could go more in depth on this subject, but Maybe Ill do that in a V log who knows! Ill just say this, a proper fitting bra will do wonders for women and make you look great! ESPECIALLY, if you are sporting a large chest like I am! If your bra doesn’t do the following things, it’s just all wrong:

I know it may seem like a lot of info, but it’s important ladies.

I enjoyed a relaxing Saturday morning, then went to eat with my husband at this place called, Cheers. It was so nice to sit outside and enjoy a great conversation with my hubby along with some great food. They had these really tasty Potato Skins that were to die for!


Pure Yumminess 🙂

Saturday night, we celebrated with friends for St. Patrick’s Day! I don’t particularly own a lot of green, so I opted for my green in my eye shadow! Of course it was splendid!


St. Patty's Day Look (Spectrum Cosmetics)


Spit Drinks? (I didn't spit!Lol)

Me & the Z Chics

Me & the Z Chics

See! Lots of fun!! I had so much fun this weekend I enjoyed a day of rest on Sunday! My hubby cooked a wonderful dinner, and I rested! I was so ready to start my week which has been busy with work. 

What have you been up to? What did you do For Pattys day? I don’t normally celebrate, but I had such a blast!


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