Don’t Block Your Blessings!

8 Mar

Don’t Block Your Blessings

I heard my father say this to B, who is a friend my family has taken under their own wing.
She was calling to ask him a simple question and get his advice on it, when he decided to jump in a help. (Yeah, my dad is pretty awesome). I could hear the frustration in her voice being that her whole reason for calling had nothing to do with him helping her out, but for his wisdom on the matter. He then said, the famous words of Luke, 

            “To whom much is given, of him much will be required.” 

I think what my dad was saying when he quoted the Bible was to use it in a sense as if saying, when the good Lord gives you something, you do something with it. In the context of the conversation that simply means that he feels and has been blessed with so much in his life, that even in the large abundance of things he’s recieved, he still must do something with it. He is required to not only share his light but his gift, or shall I say blessing.He was telling B, not to block her blessing, because like I always say, God is very strategic and has a way of really working things out when we least expect it. Sometimes he will just bless us when we don’t even deserve it. I think that makes him a pretty awesome God!

I’m just glad that I was blessed with really great parents who have instilled in me not only great life lessons, but have given me a spiritual foundation that I have learned to grow and appreciate.  In a way I think my parents are such a gift, that they share of themselves, and while I was born an only child, I’ve inherited 2 of the best sisters a girl could ask for! 


Bentley, Me, & Tiara 2 summers ago 🙂


I just wanted to share this with you all today, and just remind you not to be selfish but to be open and share your gifts, your talents, and yourself with the world! God created you for a very special reason, and he wants the world to get to know you, and who he is. So you should really think, what is it that I can share today? What can I give someone today? This doesn’t necessarily mean financial, but it’s more of sharing, and making a difference. Also, remember like I always say, recieve your blessings when they are being given to you. Don’t block God’s Work!


It’s definitely something to think about 🙂


P.S. Thanks Dad for the blog thoughts for today:)


Until Next Time, Much Love, Mrs. SPJ 🙂


One Response to “Don’t Block Your Blessings!”

  1. Deborah March 9, 2012 at 5:06 am #

    Amen! Well said Stephanie!


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