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WOW 11: The same but OK

7 Mar

Well it’s time for another weight on Wednesday post!
I weighed myself this morning and I found myself to be at the SAME EXACT WEIGHT.
Usually, I’d be really  upset that I didn’t make any progress,
I’m really happy because that means I didn’t gain weight! I tend togo up and down the scale  from time to time and it can be really annoying. The fact that I didn’t lose but maintained is something to celebrate to me 🙂

Since my hubby and I decided to not have our normal Chipotle night tonight.. We are opting for Parmesan Chicken Salad. With that thought in mind, I decided to get Pasta from the Whole Foods Market today. It was a healthier version, they called it Turkey Fettucine… I liked it, but it was a bit different.

I decided to try an all natural soda, but It wasn’t too my liking! Just was not tasty due to it’s horrible after taste.  I enjoy going to whole foods though, they have so many wonderful natural healthy items to offer!!

I’m still drinking my Shakeology and I’m working on  slimming down. Ill keep you guys posted and let you know what progress I make!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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