Lazy Day

1 Mar

I swear I’m having one.
I’ve been doing a lot at work,
but since I stumped my toe this morning, I haven’t felt like doing anything!
I did have a great lunch with co workers, but now I’m ready to just go home and get in the bed…(LOL)
I brought my clothes to workout, but I’m not even sure if that’s going to happen because the stumping of my toe incident around 5:30 this morning, still has me in slight pain.
I’m now debating the whole workout thing.. We shall see how the pinky toe feels by the end of the day šŸ™‚
I know I need to workout. I mean, I’ve only went to Zumba once this week. Good thing, my eating hasn’t been too crazy or I’d be completely off schedule. It would be nice though to go home and just relax, although I do enjoy hanging with friends at Zumba.

But I think the toe is going to win this one.. Even walking around work I can feel it throbbing…

On a happy note, I plan to make another Spectrum purchase in the next few days and I always get excited to share my purchases with you all so stay tuned:)

For now, I will cut it short. Love you much. Just well, having a lazy day. Enjoy Brunos for now šŸ™‚


Until Next Time, Much Love, Mrs SPJ šŸ™‚

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