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WOW 10: Shakin My Way Thin

29 Feb

Hey Guys!

So today it’s time for a Weight on Wednesday (WOW) post!
As many of you know, I’ve started Shakeology.
You know, the healthiest drink on the planet that actually tastes good?
Well it is pretty healthy, like I’ve said before, and I must tell you after
having a week of Shakeology, not working out for my days off nor mon or tues,  AND missing a day of it yesterday due to being sick,
I’m down 3 POUNDS!!!!!!
I’m so excited!!!
Keep in mind that I had two birthday celebrations and a break of fitness!
Also, Let me tell you, I went to Old Navy on Sunday since they are having that awesome Jeans for 19 bucks deal! Well when I went, I noticed they had a pair I wanted last time included in the sale. Now the first time I went the jeans were 32 bucks so I said, well I’ll just get one pair now and the other later. Well I wanted to retry the jeans on just to make sure they still looked good, but I noticed that they were a size smaller. I was about to get upset thinking they didn’t have my size but I thought, let me try them on anyways. Miraculously, They FIT. Yes, Fit. Not barely fit, not I’m sucking in everything to make them fit, THEY FIT! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! All those days of going into the dressing room, looking in the mirror disappointed because of another shirt not fitting or jeans not zipping up. TRUST ME, I’ve been there.. The feeling of trying on clothes and them actually fitting and looking nice..Well I can’t even describe it, but I can tell you one thing..

If you put your mind to something, if you truly want to lose that weight,
Everything doesn’t work for everybody but what I can tell you, is that commitment and dedication are two things we all have to have to make anything happen in life, especially weight loss. Since starting Shakeology, I feel healthier, energized, and a lot better than I did eating horrible food. You see when you eat horribly, it gives you that in the moment happiness, but it doesn’t last very long. You find yourself tired, feeling fat, and simply unhappy. I’m not saying you can’t ever have those things, Trust me, I’m human too! I enjoy pasta every now and then (that’s the key word), mac and cheese, and Chinese food, but I know it’s all about moderation. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. What I’m trying to do, is give you the willpower to make it happen. Find out what your trouble areas are, and make it happen. For instance, I use to skip breakfast due to time. Now I have Shakeology in the morning. I love Ice Cream and Smoothies, although I don’t have them often, but Shakeology curbs my desire for Smoothies since it tastes so much like one, and Ice Cream? Well I’ll have it, but I haven’t wanted it. Also, I’ve tried frozen yogurt, and almond bars, and they are just as tasty but healthier. Every time Dr. Oz recommends something I check it out for myself to see what I think. I know, I’m a hopeless fan, but the man knows his stuff. You will find in your quest to find good foods there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Good Food cost more but it’s worth the investment.
2. Good Food CAN taste just as good as bad for you foods if you actually know what you are doing and willing to try it.
3. Good Food can fill you up and make you feel better.
4. Good Food isn’t just diet food. In fact, the two are very different.

Just some things to keep in mind. I want all of us to strive to be healthier so that we can live longer and be our greatest!! I’m not only telling you these things, I’m telling Myself! I’m using it as a constant reminder! My friends inspire me! My Zumba crew inspires me! My co workers inspire me! Life inspires me! You can find inspiration from somewhere, and even if you don’t. Do it for yourself.

I’ll continue to report my progress! I’m so excited to be drinking Shakeology, and that I can share it with others.. I’m telling you, it’s truly helping me in my quest to be healthy, and I hope whatever it is that you need to assist you, that you find it.

If you have any questions, leave a comment. I don’t mind answering!!!

Until Next Time, Much Love, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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