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Pretty Makes Me Feel Good

28 Feb

Hey Guys!!

So yesterday My hubby and I put on a birthday dinner for our brother and friend, Eric! It was such a great event and I think he was very appreciative! He was also celebrating 14 years as a man of Kappa Alpha Psi! How awesome!!! Anywho, we decided to go to Copelands. Due to giving up rice for lent, I couldn’t have my favorite, Shrimp Etouffie so I opted for the Shrimp & Crabcake Pasta Alfredo.I know, I’m currently on a lifestyle change, but the important thing to that is having some good old treats every once and awhile and just not making a habit of it. Therefore I was careful with my food choices all day since I knew I had a bday dinner to attend. Everyone seemed to have fun, and it was really nice.

Birthday Boy

Awesome Cake

Kappa Brothers

Eric & The Girls

Well, I noticed last night, my stomach started bothering me. I immediately thought, “uh oh, what have I done”. I didn’t eat too much, but all night my stomach kept talking to me, and it wasn’t until around  6 am this morning I decided to take my fav pink stuff! I’m telling you, Pepto Bismol is the only thing that eases this stomach of mine when I can’t get it together! It calmed it down some, but I realize I’m going to have to take some more in a few. I got up for work rather late, and did my usual routine but decided that I would dress myself cute, put some makeup on, despite feeling queezy on the

inside. Here’s what I opted for:

A cute kind of retro top I purchased a few months back at Old Navy. It fit slightly different since I’ve been losing weight, but my hubby assured me, it was still cute! You can never go wrong with the classic black pants from my FAV NY & Company! They are having a buy one get one pants deal and today is the Final DAY! LOVE Their pants! They even have coupons once you sign up for their emails! I decided to wear my beaded yellow necklace for a pop of color!

As far as my makeup look, I decided to dive into my container of Spectrum Cosmetics and go for a look I call “Ice Gold”. That’s beautiful Atomic (neon matte orange) on the lid, My fav, Lemon (bright pure yellow) in the crease, and virgin (satin white) in the highlight area. I also added a nice black liner and some smoky mascara to make the color pop! Didn’t it turn out beautifully?

So even though I feel like crap on the inside, I think I look quite nice on the outside. I think it is pushing me to feel a little better and helping me out! I told you all on New Year’s Day I was going to be making a commitment to myself. I think we all should.

My exact words were,

“I challenge you too to take better care of yourself, invest more time in yourself. I definitely am going to strive to do that myself and not just put any old thing on but to have more cute days and less “I just threw this on to go out the house” days. I’m telling you, it makes a difference.”

Let me tell you, it does. On days you don’t feel too hot or feeling sad, try your best to put on something nice, and put forth some effort. First off, once you feel better, you won’t regret going out the house looking any old way. Secondly, you might notice you may feel just a tad bit better, and my friends, that makes it all worth while:)

Hope your having a great day!
Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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