Food, Makeup, and ASH!

22 Feb

Hey friends! It’s been really crazy these past few days, and it’s going to be a pretty crazy work weekend.  However, I wanted to share with you all a few things.

I finally recieved my Shakeology!!! It’s time for me to see what this stuff can do for me in a month! I told you all about it before and the amazing health benefits of it. I can’t wait to replace one meal with this stuff and see what happens in my life!!! I would love to lose some weight, but overall live a healthy lifestyle! There is a group of us drinking this stuff so it should work out pretty well!

I promise to keep you guys posted and let you know what I think.. Today is typically a weight on wednesday post, but being that Its so hectic at work, I’ll go more in depth on weight stuff next week (if I remember!)

While I plan to start shakeology, I’m still really happy with these Spectrum Comsmetic Eyeshadows!! They show up so well on my skin and I think they compliment my skin! Today I decided to use my new Color Tattoo and 3 shades from Spectrum Cosmetics. Here are the eye colors I used below:

After applying the eye shadow, I was impressed with the very vibrant look I came up with. i have to think of a name for this one.. Any suggestions?

Isn’t it pretty? Let me take you up close for a better look:

SEE? I think this is a perfect blend of just vibrant colors!!!!!!! You must try!!

It’s been a pretty good day so far…. My co worker B took me to a really cool place for lunch! It was called Cheers!

And I must tell you my grilled Turkey Sandwich was delicious!

But enough for now… I just wanted to keep you all posted with what is going on… Today is Ash Wed so it’s time for me to enter the Lenten Season and I’m really thinking long and hard about what to give up. I want it to bring me closer to God and be something worth while. I have to get my thoughts together!!!  Also, I wanted to know what topics would you like for me to discuss? I’m always open to talk about whatever! Just let me know by leaving a comment!

Until Next Tie, Much Love, MRS. SPJ 😉

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