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Blue Green Me

16 Feb

Something marvelous happened to me today at work.
I’ve always heard people talk about “their colors” and I never knew what it meant.
I secretly kept desiring to know what exactly that meant, and what my “color” was.
Well today at work, we had some in service training and My TRUE Color was revealed!

I AM BLUE GREEN!!!!!!!!!

Now for those of you who have never taken this test before, that probably means nothing to you.

However, it says a lot about me, and why I operate the way that I do.
I’m typically over dramatic, always looking for what’s right and fair, so very curious, always playing it safe, etc…My emotions have a lot to do with who I am and why I have chosen the career path that I have.After getting my color, I realized why I have reacted to some things the way that I have.

The beauty in knowing your true color not only validates who you are as a person, but it can help you understand why you sometimes do the things you do, open the lines of communication, and help you be more understanding when it comes to conflict.

I wanted to share this info with you because it helped me make a lot of sense of things in my life! No, you guys couldn’t be a part of my training today, but don’t worry, I love you all so much, I found a way you can find out your true color FOR FREE after clicking the link below:

The True Colors Test

So what color are you?
Did it help you figure out anything or why you react to certain things like you do?
I even at times thought I was more Blue-Gold but I def can see why Blue-Green prevails. They say that we all have a bit of each color in us and I can’t wait to read this book to get more info on it! I think this is something I would also like to share with family, friends, and even the college students I work with. I think by getting more information you can learn how to manage your colors….

I think it’s one of the coolest things ever and I can’t wait to find out what my husband’s true color is!! Also, I was able to share a “True Blue” moment with my fellow coworker and blogger, Ashten! You see, once you realize your color, you will understand why you mix so well with others, and why you don’t with some…..

So please share! I’d love for you to find out your color and share it with me! Also, share it with your friends!! It’s pretty cool!!!!

Until Next Time, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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