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It’s V day 2012!

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day Friends!!! I hope you all are having a wonderful day! I feel so Valentine-ish with my Red sweater and pink cami, mixed with black slacks and my BCBG Leopard Print Flats! I guess you could say I’m feeling all lovey dovey and maybe the Leopard Print is to throw in a hint of sexiness? HA HA! Who knows! I actually just think they are really cute with this outfit, but anywho!! Check out my V Day Look Today:

I decided to use that brilliantly bright red (Creole Tomato) from Magnolia Makeup, Spring Fling from Spectrum Cosmetics, and a deep slate color from Victoria’s Secret! Combine it with Some Victoria Secrets Sheer Cherry Gelato Lipgloss! I think the look turned out great despite the fact I’m missing my beloved Mascara! I completely forgot to put it on but oh well! It still looks great! Anywho, I won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day today. My husband and I celebrated yesterday. He took me to the Bonefish Grill where we had the incredible Bang Bang Shrimp and two great entrees. We even exchanged gifts! I
think my gift was a hit!

J's Brigg Bowtie by Apple & Ivy

J's Lundy Bowtie by Apple & Ivy

I picked them out without ANY of his help or him even finding out! 🙂 Apple & Ivy  so graciously created them and sent them to me by V- Day! I’m so thankful and will be purchasing again from them! In return, this is what I got:

First of all, I thought, husband, why in the world are you giving me a card I can barely read for Valentine’s Day. I mean, geez, I took Spanish in College, but I wasn’t that great at it! He proceeds to tell me, it’s the greatest card ever, and he had to get it for me. Then I open my gifts, and I see Breaking Dawn Part 1. I laughed because I know he gave the movie to me because every time the commercial comes on tv my heart jumps a lil out of my chest! (LOVE that movie!) I still haven’t debated if  I’m going to return it though, because the chances of me watching it again or frequently are probably rare. I know your thinking, well if you like the movie that much, why not watch it over and over again? Why? Because that’s not me. I think I might keep it though simply because my hubby gave it to me. I just hate the idea of his money maybe going to waste? But the thought was kinda cute. Oh and I got a Nook Gift Card which is great, being that I was just thinking I needed to buy some new apps for my Nook Color.  He told me last week, that I could get a new handbag for V day if I could find one I liked, so I’m out on a mission looking for one 🙂 I then said, hey what about a new phone (because my evo shift phone is getting the best of me, and I practically hate it right now) I know, I’m pushing the button a little bit, but I mean, I NEED a working phone right? Doesn’t that classify as a need and not a want? (LOL)

Anywho, what are your plans for V day? Did you already celebrate? Are you planning to celebrate?  If not, don’t be sad. Remember, V Day is retail driven, and you really want someone who is going to show you love 365 and not just on V day. They say Valentine’s Day can be a lonely holiday for a lot of people but you just have to remember these things. Look around at all the love that surrounds you. The love from family and friends. Last but not least, when all others fail, God loves you.  I mean, he sent his son to die for you. If that’s not Love, I honestly don’t know what love is. I’m thankful he has blessed me with family and friends, but I know in my heart, that he loves me more than I can ever imagine or even hope for. That in itself, makes my heart jump out of its chest. Remember, if you don’t have that special someone yet, God is probably working on writing the greatest love story of all time, just for you. If your in a relationship that isn’t going right, and you aren’t being treated right, you have to remember that NO ONE can love you like you can LOVE yourself, or like God can love you. I know it’s easier said than done, but something to think about. With that being said, I love ya, and I thank you for allowing me to share my life with you:)

Happy Valentine’s Day Friends..

Until Next Time, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

My Card actually translates to:

“This Valentine’s Day I want you to know exactly what I feel for you.. More than you can imagine, more than words can say… I love you”

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