Our Beloved Whitney..

13 Feb

I’m still in disbelief..
As many of you know, the beloved Whitney Houston was found Saturday night dead in her hotel room.
I remember when I first hear it, I thought, this can’t be true…..
That was until ABC News confirmed that it indeed was.
We have watched Whitney’s life dwindle down in the media due to drugs and stress. She seemed in the past few years to be getting herself together and doing well.

Of course when her death was announced, people started immediately drawing conclusions to what killed her, saying that she was simply out of control but honestly, I could care less about that. I want to remember Whitney for the beauty and talent she was. I will remember her for her incredible rendition of the National Anthem in 1991. I will remember her for being a part of my childhood as I spun around in pastels and horrible hair belting to the top of my lungs, “Oh I wanna Dance with somebody”. I will remember the countless number of times I watched “The Bodyguard” with my mother, and the hundreds of times I sang “I will Always Love you” to the top of my lungs. I will remember playing Whitney Houston in a play once, and being honored to do so. I will remember when she picked herself back up, came out with , “I look to you” and showed up what appeared to be a more wiser yet fragile Whitney. I will remember saying Goodbye and wishing her much peace.

Because you see, I refuse to be like so many who will ridicule her, throw stones at her (like we don’t have stones of our own), for some of the choices she made. If anything, I’m not mad at her for anything, or calling her life tragic, even though the loss was. A life given, a life shared, a talent brought forth. Regardless of how it may ended, not a moment of hearing her voice, or seeing that beautiful smile was tragic or lost. If anything, i’m just thankful, I was blessed to grow up in a generation and at a time, to witness her beautiful gift… R.I.P. beautiful one…

” I hope, life treats you kind, and I hope you have all you dreamed of, and I wish you joy and happiness, but above all this, I wish you love”

Until Next Time, Mrs. Spj

One Response to “Our Beloved Whitney..”

  1. Deborah February 13, 2012 at 9:58 pm #

    Yes Whitney Houston is gone, but will not be forgotten. The world needs to stop and think what happened to this dynamic singer. If she took some type of medication we need to learn what medication can do to you. I pray that her soul is at peace and we need to keep her daughter and family in prayer! People get so mixed up and confused, depressed and they start mixing this medication with this and that. Folks wake up and pay attention. Rest in peace Whitney. We will always love you!


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