New York & Maybelline

7 Feb

Hey Friends!
I’m not in the greatest mood today.
I’m not in a bad one, but I could be in a much more chipper mood.
Sometimes, you have those days and those moments, where you may feel alone, or not understand the current position your life is in, but you just have to hold on to faith and know that God is working out some things for you or even putting you in a position to stretch you. I definitely sometimes feel like my move to AR was for stretching purporses.(LOL) But Ill be okay… I just have moments like we all do.. I think that’s okay… So today’s post is for the both of us….. 

Anywho, I feel a bit stylish today…
I have on a cute shirt I got from New York and Company… (Did I mention how much I love this place?) The majority of my clothes come from there.. In fact, everything I have on today is from there! Check out my style: 

I love New York & Company! They always have very stylish clothes, and are always giving great coupons and deals for their clothing! They currently have some specials! If you sign up to recieve their specials, they will send you a coupon  I believe worth up to $25! Also until Thursday you can get 60 off of 125 or 25 bucks off of 60! Combine that with Buy one get one 50% off, I consider that a winner! If you want the coupon code and info, just leave a message and Ill get it to ya! Also check them out on Facebook!

Also, to compliment my style, I tried out a new eye shadow! We’ve all been hearing the rave about the  Color Tattoo 24 HR Cream Gel Shadow and I’ve been dying to try it! I finally purchased it for 5.99 from Target in the color of Audacious Asphalt! According to Maybelline it is their most intense, long lasting eye shadow! It has a nice cream formula that definitely glides on and I didn’t notice a crease during application either and loved the way it went on. So how does it look?

I’m pleased with it! I think it gets the job done, and here a few hours later it looks just as it did when I put it on WITHOUT Primer! That says a lot to me about eye shadow as it is! I look forward to trying the other colors and letting you all know what I think! Ill keep ya posted!!

Have you tried the eye shadow yet? If so, what do ya think? I can’t wait to create more looks with this stuff!

Until Next Time, Mrs SPJ 🙂



2 Responses to “New York & Maybelline”

  1. caateryna February 7, 2012 at 9:09 pm #

    Love it! I have the Pomegranate Punk colour and it is just lovely (I use it on my lips too lol)


    • SPJ February 7, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

      I thought about trying that color! Sounds awesome! Caateryna if you want to send me an email with the colors you want from Spectrum and your mailing address, I can get those eye shadows to ya! Just let me know 🙂


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