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WOW 10: Shakin My Way Thin

29 Feb

Hey Guys!

So today it’s time for a Weight on Wednesday (WOW) post!
As many of you know, I’ve started Shakeology.
You know, the healthiest drink on the planet that actually tastes good?
Well it is pretty healthy, like I’ve said before, and I must tell you after
having a week of Shakeology, not working out for my days off nor mon or tues,  AND missing a day of it yesterday due to being sick,
I’m down 3 POUNDS!!!!!!
I’m so excited!!!
Keep in mind that I had two birthday celebrations and a break of fitness!
Also, Let me tell you, I went to Old Navy on Sunday since they are having that awesome Jeans for 19 bucks deal! Well when I went, I noticed they had a pair I wanted last time included in the sale. Now the first time I went the jeans were 32 bucks so I said, well I’ll just get one pair now and the other later. Well I wanted to retry the jeans on just to make sure they still looked good, but I noticed that they were a size smaller. I was about to get upset thinking they didn’t have my size but I thought, let me try them on anyways. Miraculously, They FIT. Yes, Fit. Not barely fit, not I’m sucking in everything to make them fit, THEY FIT! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! All those days of going into the dressing room, looking in the mirror disappointed because of another shirt not fitting or jeans not zipping up. TRUST ME, I’ve been there.. The feeling of trying on clothes and them actually fitting and looking nice..Well I can’t even describe it, but I can tell you one thing..

If you put your mind to something, if you truly want to lose that weight,
Everything doesn’t work for everybody but what I can tell you, is that commitment and dedication are two things we all have to have to make anything happen in life, especially weight loss. Since starting Shakeology, I feel healthier, energized, and a lot better than I did eating horrible food. You see when you eat horribly, it gives you that in the moment happiness, but it doesn’t last very long. You find yourself tired, feeling fat, and simply unhappy. I’m not saying you can’t ever have those things, Trust me, I’m human too! I enjoy pasta every now and then (that’s the key word), mac and cheese, and Chinese food, but I know it’s all about moderation. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. What I’m trying to do, is give you the willpower to make it happen. Find out what your trouble areas are, and make it happen. For instance, I use to skip breakfast due to time. Now I have Shakeology in the morning. I love Ice Cream and Smoothies, although I don’t have them often, but Shakeology curbs my desire for Smoothies since it tastes so much like one, and Ice Cream? Well I’ll have it, but I haven’t wanted it. Also, I’ve tried frozen yogurt, and almond bars, and they are just as tasty but healthier. Every time Dr. Oz recommends something I check it out for myself to see what I think. I know, I’m a hopeless fan, but the man knows his stuff. You will find in your quest to find good foods there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Good Food cost more but it’s worth the investment.
2. Good Food CAN taste just as good as bad for you foods if you actually know what you are doing and willing to try it.
3. Good Food can fill you up and make you feel better.
4. Good Food isn’t just diet food. In fact, the two are very different.

Just some things to keep in mind. I want all of us to strive to be healthier so that we can live longer and be our greatest!! I’m not only telling you these things, I’m telling Myself! I’m using it as a constant reminder! My friends inspire me! My Zumba crew inspires me! My co workers inspire me! Life inspires me! You can find inspiration from somewhere, and even if you don’t. Do it for yourself.

I’ll continue to report my progress! I’m so excited to be drinking Shakeology, and that I can share it with others.. I’m telling you, it’s truly helping me in my quest to be healthy, and I hope whatever it is that you need to assist you, that you find it.

If you have any questions, leave a comment. I don’t mind answering!!!

Until Next Time, Much Love, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Pretty Makes Me Feel Good

28 Feb

Hey Guys!!

So yesterday My hubby and I put on a birthday dinner for our brother and friend, Eric! It was such a great event and I think he was very appreciative! He was also celebrating 14 years as a man of Kappa Alpha Psi! How awesome!!! Anywho, we decided to go to Copelands. Due to giving up rice for lent, I couldn’t have my favorite, Shrimp Etouffie so I opted for the Shrimp & Crabcake Pasta Alfredo.I know, I’m currently on a lifestyle change, but the important thing to that is having some good old treats every once and awhile and just not making a habit of it. Therefore I was careful with my food choices all day since I knew I had a bday dinner to attend. Everyone seemed to have fun, and it was really nice.

Birthday Boy

Awesome Cake

Kappa Brothers

Eric & The Girls

Well, I noticed last night, my stomach started bothering me. I immediately thought, “uh oh, what have I done”. I didn’t eat too much, but all night my stomach kept talking to me, and it wasn’t until around  6 am this morning I decided to take my fav pink stuff! I’m telling you, Pepto Bismol is the only thing that eases this stomach of mine when I can’t get it together! It calmed it down some, but I realize I’m going to have to take some more in a few. I got up for work rather late, and did my usual routine but decided that I would dress myself cute, put some makeup on, despite feeling queezy on the

inside. Here’s what I opted for:

A cute kind of retro top I purchased a few months back at Old Navy. It fit slightly different since I’ve been losing weight, but my hubby assured me, it was still cute! You can never go wrong with the classic black pants from my FAV NY & Company! They are having a buy one get one pants deal and today is the Final DAY! LOVE Their pants! They even have coupons once you sign up for their emails! I decided to wear my beaded yellow necklace for a pop of color!

As far as my makeup look, I decided to dive into my container of Spectrum Cosmetics and go for a look I call “Ice Gold”. That’s beautiful Atomic (neon matte orange) on the lid, My fav, Lemon (bright pure yellow) in the crease, and virgin (satin white) in the highlight area. I also added a nice black liner and some smoky mascara to make the color pop! Didn’t it turn out beautifully?

So even though I feel like crap on the inside, I think I look quite nice on the outside. I think it is pushing me to feel a little better and helping me out! I told you all on New Year’s Day I was going to be making a commitment to myself. I think we all should.

My exact words were,

“I challenge you too to take better care of yourself, invest more time in yourself. I definitely am going to strive to do that myself and not just put any old thing on but to have more cute days and less “I just threw this on to go out the house” days. I’m telling you, it makes a difference.”

Let me tell you, it does. On days you don’t feel too hot or feeling sad, try your best to put on something nice, and put forth some effort. First off, once you feel better, you won’t regret going out the house looking any old way. Secondly, you might notice you may feel just a tad bit better, and my friends, that makes it all worth while:)

Hope your having a great day!
Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Week Plans

27 Feb

Hey Guys!

Did you have a good weekend?
I had a very relaxing weekend. I spent Friday night going to see Tyler Perry’s new movie, “Good Deeds”. It was an okay movie, nothing to hoop and holler about, but I thought it was cute. I don’t want to give away the movie, but I will say it’s slightly predictable. I think Thandie Newton did an awesome job playing her role! She’s so pretty and such a great actress! Afterwards the hubby and I along with some friends decided to go grab a bite to eat. I didn’t want to eat too much since it was late but boy did I enjoy myself! My husband and a friend of ours always have this ongoing eating contest when they get together and it cracks me up everytime! It’s like they never know when to quit… Someone always ends up stuffed to the point of pain… However, no worries, it’s always in fun!!!

So I plan to have a busy week with work, HOWEVER a few things I would like to do this week:

1. Celebrate a dear friend who is like a brother of mine’s birthday on Monday! I think it’s going to be rather nice and he has no idea!
2. Track  my weight loss since starting Shakeology!
3.  Make some Bendi earrings (I’ve been slack!)
4. Finish editing photos from the weekend’s photo shoot (It was awesome!)
5. Order some more makeup (I know, always makeup but don’t worry I’m always shopping on a budget)
6. Try and find a good face moisturizer for dry skin
7. Judge a step show! Yea, its going to be lots of fun!

That’s it for now… I’ve got a lot to do at work, and I’m not looking forward to doing any of it!!! I’ve just been lately feeling as if I need to really start up with some of my passions.. We shall see.. Who knows… What do you all have planned this week? Hopefully it’s fun filled and not stressful!

Until Next Time, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Red Friday & Hair

24 Feb

Yay its Friday!

I seem to be so happy on Fridays lately! Maybe its because I’ve been so swamped at work that Fridays have served as a celebration of getting away! This weekend, I plan to clean and relax. Sounds like a good plan to me! I’ve been so busy I believe I need a weekend to chill! Something I’m totally looking forward to!

Im feeling quite great today also, because Im noticing a difference in the overall health of my hair. I believe that despite the fact I had to get my hair cut after my last relaxer, My hair is growing and its not as dry as it use to be. This is me after my relaxer in January.


I had yet to start taking hairfinity and my hair was a bit dry. Here is me a week after my recent relaxer.


The sides of my hair are growing, and so is the front! The back of my hair has been growing a lot as well. I had to get a cut the last time due to the nature of my hair cut and in order for it to grow out properly, but I think after almost 6 weeks of being on Hairfinity, Im doing great! The main reason I wanted to show you all this picture though is to see how the texture of my hair has changed!! It’s ore moisturized!

Also, if you notice Im wearing a vibrant BRIGHT red lipstick! I’ve always wanted to wear red lipstick but wasnt sure if I could pull it off.  Ive seen some in red lipstick and they look crazy! My sephora chic, Brittney explained to me that it can be pulled off if you make your eye shadow simple or neutral. If I want a pop of color, keep it minimal. Well I did, and Im VERY pleased with my results! Ive been getting compliments all day!!

For those of you wanting to know what else Im doing for maintaining my hair, Im washing it weekly, using organic oil as a natural moisturizer, keeping my hair wrapped up at night and now during workouts. I notice the overall health of my hair has improved since I started keeping my hair wrapped during Zumba! Zumba was killing my hair!  Im using the Essentious Products for washing my hair and moisturizing. For protein treatments, I really enjoy using Ions Reconstructor! Its working for me and Im really happy!

So today Im rocking a bright look and vibrant shiny hair! Yep! Im feeling pretty great. What are u up to? Hopefully loving life, being fab, and looking forward to the weekend!!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

Have a great weekend folks!

Fiery Fun Look

23 Feb

Hey guys…

I’ve been super busy at work, so I haven’t been able to post but I wanted to leave you all with something!!!

Check out this Fiery Look I created today! It’s so hot outside today, it’s almost 80 degrees! Beautiful weather, slightly windy, but I wanted to be a bit fiery and so to establish the look I used:

Magnolia Makeup & Spectrum Cosmetics

I love when you have two great companies that are also affordable and offer great cosmetics! Here you can see Magnolia Makeup (the larger jars) and Spectrum Cosmetics (the smaller jars & the sample bag) that offer very vibrant and bright colors… After applying my Bare Minerals Foundation, MAC Skinfinish, and eyeshadows, I came up with this look:

 While it looks rather soft, it’s very vibrant!!!!!! Let me show it to you up close!!

I took the Fiery Bronze color and applied it over my whole eye. I used the bright rid for the lid, the fiery orange in the crease, the bronze in the highlight area, and then the lemon yellow color for the inner part of the eye. I then took my blending brush and blended the colors in and that’s what created this awesome look! I even used a deep chocolate close to my lashes to kind of bring down the color closer to my lashes.. I’m really satisfied with this look! I love both Magnolia Makeup and Spectrum Cosmetics! While I used two different cosmetic lines, they both offer vibrant and bold shades! I think they all compliment my skin as well! I’m in love with it!!! I just wanted to share this with you all for now so you can try it for yourselves! I’m sure you can make your own fiery creation, and I’d love to see it!!!!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

P.S. I got home to this yesterday…

Hmm wonder what’s inside ….. STAY TUNED!

Food, Makeup, and ASH!

22 Feb

Hey friends! It’s been really crazy these past few days, and it’s going to be a pretty crazy work weekend.  However, I wanted to share with you all a few things.

I finally recieved my Shakeology!!! It’s time for me to see what this stuff can do for me in a month! I told you all about it before and the amazing health benefits of it. I can’t wait to replace one meal with this stuff and see what happens in my life!!! I would love to lose some weight, but overall live a healthy lifestyle! There is a group of us drinking this stuff so it should work out pretty well!

I promise to keep you guys posted and let you know what I think.. Today is typically a weight on wednesday post, but being that Its so hectic at work, I’ll go more in depth on weight stuff next week (if I remember!)

While I plan to start shakeology, I’m still really happy with these Spectrum Comsmetic Eyeshadows!! They show up so well on my skin and I think they compliment my skin! Today I decided to use my new Color Tattoo and 3 shades from Spectrum Cosmetics. Here are the eye colors I used below:

After applying the eye shadow, I was impressed with the very vibrant look I came up with. i have to think of a name for this one.. Any suggestions?

Isn’t it pretty? Let me take you up close for a better look:

SEE? I think this is a perfect blend of just vibrant colors!!!!!!! You must try!!

It’s been a pretty good day so far…. My co worker B took me to a really cool place for lunch! It was called Cheers!

And I must tell you my grilled Turkey Sandwich was delicious!

But enough for now… I just wanted to keep you all posted with what is going on… Today is Ash Wed so it’s time for me to enter the Lenten Season and I’m really thinking long and hard about what to give up. I want it to bring me closer to God and be something worth while. I have to get my thoughts together!!!  Also, I wanted to know what topics would you like for me to discuss? I’m always open to talk about whatever! Just let me know by leaving a comment!

Until Next Tie, Much Love, MRS. SPJ 😉

New Makeup & More!!

20 Feb

Hey you guys!

It’s been a crazy hectic week, but I wanted to take the time and tell you about my new makeup from Spectrum Cosmetics! I don’t know if I ever told you all, but Ill say it again, I’m NOT PAID from this company or GIVEN any free products. These are my personal reviews and thoughts of this makeup! So I received my new shipment of colors and they are beautiful!!!!
I decided to go for a pinkish purple look to hang out with the hubby on Sunday. I couldn’t even finish my look at first because I was so blown away by Iris. It is advertised to be, “an  iridescent purple eye shadow that is a beautiful bright violet purple with an indigo sheen!! SO PRETTY!


I found myself looking at it saying, “it’s pink, no wait it’s purple, no wait I see some Silver in there”.. It’s such a magnificent color! I’m pretty sure I will be wearing this in the future by itself!! My overall look I ended up with was exactly what I wanted! I used Pacific, Sweet Fuchsia, and Spring Fling. I love the beautiful color of Sweet Fuchsia. It’s just a color I’ve been looking for in an eye shadow! I decided to make the look pop with my very own, “Pinksi” Bendi Earrings… I think they compliment everything nice!!!

Whenever you order from Spectrum Cosmetics, she will give you a sample, and who would have known it, but she gave me a sample of a color I’ve been dying to try! LEMON! Let’s just say Lemon combined with a nice dark purple makes my eye shadow look today POP!!!  How I love, it and NOW will be ordering it in the near future!!You see how bright the yellow is?! I’m so in love with it!!!!! I love colors that pop and truly bring out one’s skin complexion! Also, I have on a new lipcolor that I discovered when visiting the lovely Brittney. You guys have heard me talk about her before, she works at Sephora and knows her stuff when it comes to makeup. I visit her frequently and she’s always showing me something new. She also showed me a really pretty pink lipstick that I plan on trying as well!!!

I promise to show you some more looks from the new eye shadow I purchased. There are some really pretty colors that I purchased. For example, this is Pacific. How beautiful and radiant is it?


See! So many great colors! I can’t wait to share them with you all! I’m still on the hunt for a good face moisturizer. I bought one called Triple C, but I’m not crazy about it!!! Ill keep you posted on what I find!!

Until Next Time, Much Love, Mrs. Spj:)

P.S. Have you found any great makeup finds lately? If so, please share!

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