A Bare Weekend!

30 Jan

Hey friends!
So I had an excellent weekend!
My husband and I received free Facials from Kiehls. They were having an event and since my husband and I love Kiehls so much, It only made sense that we would sign up! It was by far the best facial ever! My very first facial experience wasn’t that great, so I was a bit nervous, but getting one from Kiehls was so awesome, I think I’d totally get one again! After the facials, my makeup was done by Bare Escentuals and let me tell you, they did an EXCELLENT Job!  I was always hesitant in trying it, due to my obsession with Mac Foundation, but I’m telling you, I love how their products are so light but provide nice full coverage! I fell in love with their eye shadows awhile back, when Brittany at Sephora showed them to me! All I can tell you is, the products are great, and you can get their starter kit for 61 bucks! It’s awesome! The kit includes everything you need!

Customizable Get Started Kit

1 SPF 14 Foundation in Original or Matte (they will match you in the store)
1 Original Mineral Veil
1 Warmth All-Over Face Color
1 Full Flawless Face Brush
1 Flawless Application Face Brush
1 Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush
1 Get Started DVD
Brush Conditioning Shampoo

A $166 Value!

I say that’s a pretty awesome deal! Just wanted to share it with you guys! As always, I do not get paid to do these reviews nor am I giving any products! I just personally like to share good deals with friends when I find them! When Stephanie (yea same name!) was doing my makeup, I asked her to do a natural look because it’s something I’ve never really tried before. The look she gave me  was very natural and gave me like a natural glow. I was very satisfied with the products and the look.  Whatcha think?
  I loved it! This picture doesn’t even truly give it justice!
I even used their products to create my look this morning!

Do you see how great their high-shine eyecolor looks with the deep greys and teals? This is Meteorite which is described as an Iced Mocha! It gives a nice sheen texture and has a lot of products for about $16. It’s now a staple in my eye shadow collection! I swear I’m turning into more of a makeup Junkie than ever before!! Are you all fans of BareMienrals makeup? Have you ever tried it? What Foundation and Makeup do you use? I’d love to know!!!

Until Next Time, Mrs. SPJ 🙂


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