Fun, Fabulous 30!

17 Jan

I have so much to share with you all I do not know where to begin! On Friday, my husband said for your 30th birthday, I’m taking you to Memphis for a shopping spree and fun since you’ve never been and you’ve always wanted to go. I was super psyched once he told me that and thought about all the fun we would have! We decided to leave Saturday morning, and we stayed at the Downtown Marriott in Memphis. We stayed in a beautiful suite that had the best view of the city. After getting settled in our hotel, we went to the Galleria mall in Memphis, TN where my shopping spree was to begin. At first, my husband was getting a bit worried because I was not buying anything and I think it was due to the fact that I was overwhelmed! Here we were in this big shopping place, and I started off just looking. Eventually with some cheering on from FB friends and a knock of common sense into myself, I realized Sephora was in front of me, and I LOVE Makeup! I purchased some makeup products, went into Buckle where this girl was AMAZING, and found jeans just for my figure and purchased them!I also found some beautiful scarfs in Dillards. I’d say I did a pretty good job 🙂 After we left the mall, the hubby took me to the infamous Beale Street! What fun that was! We decided to go to B.B. King’s Blues Club and after a bit of waiting and enjoying some amazing Good music, we had some of the best tasting food!! I’m telling you, there is a reason those ribs are considered “Lip Smacking” and “World Famous”! I think they are the best tasting ribs I’ve had ever had in my life! We then just sat bobbing our heads, watching the people move to the music, and enjoy the B.B. King All Stars! I’m telling you there is nothing like raw soul stirring music! It’s absolutely everything that Blues stands for, and I enjoyed every minute of it! The B.B. King All Stars are Excellent! Check out a small clip of their music here: The next morning, we enjoyed some delicious breakfast at Miss Polly’s Soul City Cafe. I could tell it was a cute privately owned joint and I thought the tables were so cool! In fact, we sat at the Sam Cooke Table which I thought was pretty awesome! My husband was certain he wanted to come here for breakfast, and I’m so glad he took me because I probably had the best omelet I’ve ever had in my life there! After that, we went to the National Civil Rights Museum.

National Civil Rights Museum

This part of our trip was very important to me because I’ve always known my Birthday was close to Dr. Martin Luther King’s, and while I’ve spent many of my birthdays off for the day due to him, he’s always been a very present part of my life. I enjoyed the museum and a chance to really look at history. While some of it made me sad and uneasy as it does most people, It made me rejoice at how far African Americans have come.

Then came the difficult part.  After strolling the museum, I was suddenly standing feet away from the place Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot. You could see the balcony he stood on when he shouted down to one of his friends below. You could even see where the cement was replaced where he fell down to his death. They had Mahalia Jackson’s “Precious Lord” playing in the background. They said right before King was shot,  he shouted below to musician Ben Branch who was scheduled to perform that night, “Ben make sure you play “Take My Hand, Precious Lord in the meeting tonight. Play it real pretty”. And there I was. Standing there. I had to get out of their real quick because I could feel my emotions just completely going out of wack. I turned to my husband and said, “Whew”, this is heavy! I have to get out of here”. We then went next door where you can see where the actual shot was fired from the boarding house next door. I really enjoyed the whole museum part and was very thankful that I got to go there, not only as a part of my birthday weekend, but on Dr. Martin Luther King’s bday. So amazing! We got back home safely, and then called it a night! We were exhausted! My mom was the first person to call me on my birthday and wish me a happy birthday! Then I started looking online, and was so appreciative at all the sweet birthday messages received and texts. It definitely made me feel super loved! Later that night, I had a beautiful dinner with friends and I’m telling you,  I had such a good time and really enjoyed my birthday. I was thankful to my husband who put everything together.

Fabulous 30 🙂

Me with Paula & Lari

Me & My Brothers (Eric & Sorronto)

Me & Mr. Jones

Me & The Gang

Me & Paula

What an awesome weekend! I’m so glad that God has blessed me to be 30, and I’m so thankful in the various ways he has blessed my life! I feel great (minus my legs due to Zumba at times, lol) and I couldn’t be more happy with the people God has put in my life and the things he has allowed me to see. I thank each of you for caring enough to be a part of that journey and for loving me throughout it all. I can promise you to always be a friend, a lover, and a believer. I thank God for this moment, this journey, and for you.

Until Next Time, Much Love, Mrs. SPJ 🙂

3 Responses to “Fun, Fabulous 30!”

  1. Deborah January 17, 2012 at 8:56 pm #

    I am so glad your birthday was a blast? I had no ideal that you were going to have friends celebrate with you for dinner. You are really lucky to have Jermaine he really loves you. I can’t imagine what he would do for you for your 40th….lol….just kidding. I know you appreciate all that he has done for you. I am happy and you looked really nice in your dress.


    • SPJ January 18, 2012 at 4:20 am #

      Thanks! It was awesome!!!! I enjoyed every moment of it! Yes, J is pretty great 🙂



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