Importance of Good Friends

10 Jan

Yesterday was  an awesome day for me.
While it was an uneventful No Fun-Day, Monday, I can’t say it stayed that way.
First off, I had a great lunch with my co worker Tiff, then decided to go back to Zumba! I swear there had to be like 90 people in there shaking their butt! When everyone saw me they greeted me with high fives, and warm accolades since I took a 2 1/2 week haitus.. (due to the holiday season and me being quite lazy)
The cool thing was, it was our lovely Zumba Instructor’s bday! I consider Julie a friend though more than just an instructor! She’s good people. I noticed all throughout Zumba, we were laughing, working our butts off, and having just a plain ol’ good time. I’m thankful for the wonderful group of people I’ve met through Zumba! They don’t know how much more they bring to Zumba for me 🙂 Not only do they make it fun, they make you work your butt off!

The Crew

Funny thing is, once Zumba was over, we were all a sweaty nasty mess. LOL. But as you see we like each other so that didn’t matter for this pic! Funny thing, is we all got finished working our butts off and then there was cake to celebrate Julie’s Birthday. So what did we do? Well..

WE ATE CAKE! OF COURSE! It was the funniest thing for us, because people were looking at us confused, but leave it to the Zumba Chics to do what we want anywho!lol! That’s why I love those girls. They are the only ones who would enjoy this moment with me! They all went out and celebrated Julie’s bday, I wanted to go, but my roomie/bestie from graduate school was coming in to town with her fiance, and I couldn’t miss it.

 We called ourselves “Ebony and Ivory”. We were inseperable. She helped me get through graduate school by just being there and though we’ve had some not so great moments or things we’d like to forget, we are still the best of friends. When she walked into my house yesterday, I immediately felt warmth, and it was like we were back in West Chester, PA kicking it in our PJ’s actin silly.  We talked about the past, what was new, and it just felt awesome to reconnect with her. She came all the way from Jersey, and there she was. Her Fiance’ is a great guy as well and I’m so excited for their upcoming wedding in August.  Kelly’s bday is January 3rd, so we went to Copelands and celebrated both our birthdays which was pretty awesome! 

Although they had to leave first thing in the morning due to a very important matter, the short time we spent together was fun and much needed.  You see, there is nothing like a good friend.

I have been blessed with so many great friends, and my moment with Kelly and her Fiance yesterday reminded me of that. Anytime I feel that I’m alone or that I have no one, I need to remember the great friends that I have. While they are not all in my presence, they are there. I also need to remember to be a good friend. Keep in touch in some way and let me friends know that I’m thinking about them, missing them, and that they are very important to me.

You see, it’s important to have good friends. It’s important to surround yourself with Good people. Im a firm believer that the company you keep says a lot about who you are as a person. While I tend to take in a lot of people under my wing to help guide and show them, even if others do not understand, it is because I see them for who they really are and what others fail to see.  It’s important to have friends you can trust and rely on in this crazy world. We all know that God is the ultimate friend, but he puts special people in our lives for a reason. It’s important remember that.

So today I’m thankful for the friends in my life.
For the besties. For the close friends. For the new friends. For the co workers who have become friends. For my hubby, the ultimate best friend.

Remember, it’s important to have good friends and to be a good friend. It just keeps life interesting and filled with joy.

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ:)

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