I’m so Tired Monday….

9 Jan

Yep.. It’s Monday.
Personally, I’m exhausted and find myself yawning every other minute.  I had such a fun filled shopping weekend,  and now that I’m having to sit down and do work, I’m running into a sleepy problem..lol

Anywho, my weekend was pretty fun.
My hubby said,  “I need you to go out and look for a dress this weekend, and when I get off work on Saturday you better have something.”
A bit demanding, but it was kind of cool.  What was I suppose to say?
                                    “Oh no hunny, how dare you force me to shop?” 

Right… Like that was coming out of MY mouth..lol… I simply said ” well, ok” and was committed to doing what I was asked.  My husband and I went walking around the mall Friday and then on Saturday I went to do some little searching myself. I didn’t find any dresses that jumped out at me, but I kind of ended up spending like 30 bucks on Christmas mesh! I KNOW! RIDICULOUS! I keep asking myself how that happened as well! But it isn’t like I actually went into the store.. It was actually outside of the store for sale, so that was the culprit that caught my attention! I didn’t get a dress from that shopping center, but I guarantee you my house will be nicely decked out in deco mesh next Christmas!

Anyways, shopping in the morning by myself, I found nothing, and sadly confessed to my hubby that I had yet to find anything. We then went shopping, and I found the perfect dress!A Lil black, a lil gold so superly duperly cute! I put it on hold at Stein Mart and decided that I would continue to look  but ultimately went back and got that dress! I’m super pumped about wearing it too! I tried to find these outrageous beautiful over the top shoes, but then realized, I would more than likely not wear them again if they were too over the top and hurt my feet! I’ve decided to just deck myself out with beautiful makeup and accessories! I can’t wait until you guys see it!! Here is a sneak preview:

I’m so excited to see everything come together! I went to Sephora where the lovely Brittany (one of my former student volunteers) was working and she gave me some great tips on a golden look! Ill tell you more about that next week though!

I’m getting super duper excited about my birthday a week from today! I will be the big 3-0! So thankful and thanking God for his grace and mercy! That’s been the best gift!! Before I go though, I’m going to make a list of things that would be great birthday gifts to receive (Who knows, I just might!)

1. Bare Escentuals Eye Shadow in Sex Kitten or one of the other amazing Colors!  It’s Phenomenal!

2. Charming Charlie Gift Card- They sell amazing accessories and we all know I crave accessories!

3. A Sexy not to big,  not to small handbag. I LOVE  Coach, but I’m not a snob who can only buy coach! If it’s cute, Ill rock it!

4. New York & Company Gift Card- Yep you all know I love that place. In fact, 85% of my accessories and clothing come from NY & CO. (I know, insane)

5. Zumba Shirts in XL! They make those shirts so small so I get them in a larger size! Their pants are out (they fall too much for me!) You can find them wherever! They are super cheap on ebay though compared to the website!

6. DELTA Sigma Theta Scarf- I WANT THIS SCARF! It’s so cute!!! I swear if I don’t get it for my bday, this will be my gift to myself!

7. A Soapscription! I love Natural Soap! What better gift than that? A Soapscription allows you to receive the soap of your choice once a month! How awesome? My favorite companies offer them too! Bath Factory and
Wild Herb!

8. I really want a Soft Hood Dryer! I’m attempting to do more of my own hair at home in between the weeks I don’t go to the hair salon but in order to do this, I need a Hair Dryer. Apparently blow dryers don’t give the same effect! (lol)

9.  Magnolia Makeup – It’s awesome and they have great colors! Would love to build up my collection of eye shadows in this!

10.  Best Buy Gift Card – I’m slacking on music and need to get some more CDs in my collection!!!! Vashawn Mitchell has a new album, along with Maurette Brown Clark, and more! I need these cds!lol! If not Best Buy, Barnes & Nobles. I do have a NOOK Color!!!

That’s it for now… I’m always thankful and grateful for everything! I’m still fighting sleep though..lol…..  I love youll! Thanks for being interested in me!

Until Next Time, Much Love

Mrs S.P.J 🙂


One Response to “I’m so Tired Monday….”

  1. Deborah January 10, 2012 at 11:10 pm #

    You have a great list of bday gifts and I hope you get them. If only people who knew you know how to look at this page it might help them with their gift givings. Anyway I think your gifts are reasonable. Well until next time. Take care!


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