Cookies, Shopping, & More

25 Dec

Hey friends!

Sorry it’s been like forever (well not really only a few days) but I’ve been so busy!!!!! Friday the 16th was my last day of work for the holiday break so that means 2 weeks off and Im a bit excited about that!! However I’ve been enjoying my break! I have so much to tell ya!!! On the 18th I was invited to a Cookie Exchange party by my Zumba buddy Amanda! I thought, hmmm I’ve never been to one of these parties before but it should be fun! The deal was I had to make 6 cookies for each guest. I ended up having to make 36 cookies and couldn’t decide what cookie to make then it hit me….

My cousin Tinika ordered them once from one of her children’s fund raisers and I thought how am I going to recreate such a delicious cookie? Then I realized it was simple. I didn’t need pricey pre- made dough! I just needed sugar cookie dough and of course Crushed candy canes! It’s pretty simple. For all of you Betty Crocker’s out there who want to make your own dough go for it, That’s Not me. Everything you see here is pretty much what I used! You basically need to either by a package of sugar cookie dough or  make your own.

I honestly thought something was seriously wrong with me when creating my dough because it seemed to take forever to make a consistent dough and I’m not going to lie, I added some water to give it a lil bit more moisture.  After much stirring (but not causing the dough to be too tough) I got the dough that I wanted so it was on to the candy canes!

Now I pulled out my handy dandy Ninja. YES it works wonders and works as great as they say on TV. I thought, it would take me forever to break up 15 candy canes so why not use the ninja? I started getting my candycanes prepared and let me tell you, that probably took the longest time! Who knew taking all of the plastic off of the candy canes would take so long? Once that was done, I put them in the Ninja. I decided it would be easier to break them up so that they would end up to be like small Candy Cane Crystals… Who knew it would work like such a charm! Yes I ended up having a few big pieces but I thought the overall consitency was great and by the time I used the Ninja for a few more seconds they were all broken up!

So basically you then take your dough and your candy canes and mix them together!!
You should end up with something like this:
 I mixed it until I had a sweet smelling sugary crushed candy cane mix. The cookies don’t take too long to make and only about 10 minutes in the oven. Once you have finished all these steps, you end up with some great looking, great tasting, and
great smelling cookies!
 I made about 45 cookies and had a taste of one myself! They were quite delicious!
I even found a way to make them look all pretty for the Cookie Exchange party!

The cookies were a big hit and I enjoyed making them!
It was also nice to hang out with friends from Zumba!

So I enjoyed the cookies, the party, everything.
Do you have a favorite cookie recipe? I’d love to try it as long as it’s super easy!

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