Weight on Wednesday- ZUMBA!

15 Dec

Sometimes on Wednesdays, I like to discuss my health and fitness lifestyle and today is a perfect day to talk about my love affair with Zumba!!!!

So I went to check out a gym awhile back and thought about possibly joining it. I mean the gym is 10 fitness, you pay 10 dollars a month with no contract which is pretty awesome (unless you want to get a premium membership that is 20 bucks)! Well when I visited, I met a nice girl named Julie who told me that Zumba was something I could do and catch on. She told me I would get better as time goes…. Of course, I was a bit nervous because I had never actually taken a class before and not to mention none of my homegirls were in AR to attempt this first class with me. However, I committed to going and at least trying it…

Well that was back in September. Now I’m a ZUMBA FREAK! But let me tell you why it is I love Zumba:

After Zumba Toning (Me,Amanda, Amber, & Julie)

1.It is THE MOST fun hard working workout you can imagine!

2.Julie is absolutely awesome and you can always leave it to her to give you a truly hard workout!!

3. You will learn to shake your booty like you’ve never shaken your booty before as well as shaken off some calories!

4. You will meet some really awesome people! I have made friends simply by going to Zumba! They are pretty cool girls and I even consider Julie a friend!

5. Zumba gear is hot so you have the option of looking hot despite the fact you are spilling buckets of sweat!

6. The classes will make you push yourself even harder along with the people in them! It makes you want to work hard!

7. You will get to hear some awesome music you’ve never heard before and get them stuck in your head only to find yourself humming them out of nowhere!

8. You will become stronger and toned like you can’t even imagine!

9. I SWEAT! Okay… so this isn’t something to love, but I consider sweating a good sign that I’m truly working my BEHIND off! Im not a fan of sweat but hey, it lets me know I’ve never worked out like this before!

10. Your working out with a group of people and it feels as if you are in this big party just getting down. What’s not to love about that?

So those are my top reasons why I love Zumba so much and I’m so glad I tried it! I love the people who come to the classes and I love seeing the difference in my body right before my eyes!! My mother in law does the DVDS at home, but even she said the class experience is truly fun! So I encourage you to try it! At first you may not get all the moves, you may not even know what you are doing, but as time passes you will learn and I gurantee you will feel great!!!

Until Next Time, Much Love,

Mrs. SPJ 🙂

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