Fitzgerald Story…

7 Nov

Meet Kezia Fitzgerald,27, of Massachusetts.
She’s a loving mom who is known for knitting beautiful baby hats and booties.
Kezia and I are only 2 years apart.
She’s happily married, so am I.
I sense she has a beautiful spirit
(I’d like to think that I do too.)
Kezia is married to Mike and they have a beautiful lil girl named, 
Kezia & Mike have the typical love story, falling in love, getting married, buying a house, then having baby Saiorse. Kezia found out in January 2011 she was diagnosed with Stage 3, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Her daughter started having problems as well, and in May 2011, Saoirse was diagnosed with Stage 4 amplified Neuroblastoma so both mommy and daughter have been battling cancer together. 

Doesn’t that make your heart just go out to them? They were just featured on CNN because the father has now lost his job due to dealing with his family’s medical condition. I just read the article on CNN and my heart immediately felt heavy. If you are interested in reading the mom’s blog, you can here:

If you are interested in giving a donation or supporting them in anyway, please find out more about their foundation here:

It just really makes you put things in perspective. Here I’ve complained about being away from home, having to discover the new, and this family is battiling with not only one family member going through cancer, but two. I can’t even fathom what they are going through or begin to understand what it must be like. Thankfully, the mother’s cancer has been in remission since September.
It was recently discovered however that the little girl’s cancer has now spread to her Bone Marrow so she needs all the prayers and support she can get. I ask that you pray for this family. God is the ultimate healer and I just pray for their strength as they are dealing with their daughter’s cancer..

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