Pretty Phenomenal Phood! lol

20 Oct

So I did something pretty awesome the other day.
I spent 3 hours in the Kitchen. Yep!
Making a single dish.
However it turned out so amazing, I didn’t mind..

So I was craving Italian the other day, and knew going out to eat really wouldn’t be an option for my hubby, so I thought… Ill make something. After searching over, and over again, I found a really cool website: 

I thought, How awesome! I had already looked at a whole bunch of recipes, but this one was very in depth with pictures! I can tell they took a lot more effort and time with their recipe, but I followed it for the most part, minus some of the ingredients and let me tell you it was delicious!!!

First Things First, I printed out the grocery list and head to the store!

Now many of you don’t know me, but I follow recipes, just not always all the time. I guess I try to cut corners, and as a creature of habit, I tend to like to taste

 things a certain way (lol)Anywho, I started out with having this wonderful handsome man, I like to call em hubby, chop up some onions and garlic for me. Meanwhile I chopped up some Spinach, put a few seasonings, and thankfully to the amazing great Ninja (blender) I was able to come up with this neat green mixture that smelled soooooooo good. 

Well if you go to the website and read the  recipe, I made it, minus some time here and there and let me tell you, it not only turned out beautiful, but it tasted amazing!! We had leftovers and we’ve eaten them!

                     So go out! Be adventurous, make some Lasagna (lol)

The only thing I would do differently is, maybe add just as much stuff as the original recipe called for although I loved it! I would also have not forgotten tasty Garlic Bread and maybe a ceasar salad but who knows! WE SHALL SEE!!!

Until Next Time FOlks!

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