Sad but True…

18 Oct

I remember being in graduate school and immediately becoming wrapped up in a case of a missing child called “Precious Doe”. Beautiful little girl! The only thing is that we didn’t get to know how beautiful she was. We didn’t find out after the fact. You see, because Precious Doe was the name given to the body of a 3 year old girl who was not only murdered but decapitated. She was so brutally injured, they couldn’t even identify her for years. It wasn’t until 2005, four years later, she was identified as
                                               Erica Michelle Marie Green
                                          Beautiful Erica 

                                                 May 15, 1997 – April 28, 2001

 It was that case that gripped me and made me invest all of my time and efforts into missing children. I was then given an assignment to take on a project for my content analysis class. Content Analysis is a textual analysis of communication (In some cases, counting!) Well as passionate as I was (And still am) about her and other missing children, I started researching Missing Children, and found that many missing children with serious cases go unheard of everyday. So My project was called MIA: Missing In the News. Using a theory that has been mentioned before, Missing White Women Syndrome (MWWS) . Before you all yell at me and think this is about race, its so much more than that. MWWS is a theory that deals with the inadequate coverage of those who go missing who do not fall under a specific prototype. My research showed that men (regardless of race and sometimes age), african americans, and white women and children who aren’t upper class or follow a cookie cutter look (blond hair, blue eyes) do not get as much coverage in the news as your typical blond hair blue eyed girl. In fact, it even showed that at times if they didn’t meet the upperclass criteria, looks alone still made a difference. Although I did this study awhile back, it startled me that my mind went back to my study when looking at the news recently..

For that past few weeks we have been seeing a lot of coverage on Baby Lisa who was taken out of her home. You can see Baby Lisa below..

Isn’t she beautiful? My heart goes out to the family and I watched a news story on her this morning… The family is truly missing this little one and I really hope she comes home soon!

But then today, I got a new email, from a predominitely black site, and the headline read,
“Have you Seen Jaheysse Shockey?” 

This caught my attention so I continued reading, that Jaheysse was home with her siblings when mom stepped out. When she returned, the child was gone. However, I never heard of her until I got that email. She didn’t make mainstream media…

 She’s adorable. She’s away from her home… However we are still hearing about the girl who is missing from Aruba, Baby Lisa, we are still even hearing about Jaycee Dugard who is now home! However, these children go missing, unheard of, and it just bothers me.

Another thing that bothered me is while researching Jaheysse, I came across another case where a lil boy was missing a few days ago, (ANOTHER CASE I NEVER HEARD OF), and the child’s body was found today. Little William McQuain. Never heard about his case eitther. I think what bothers me most is the fact that police found his mother dead in the home, which makes me feel as if he was more in danger and now he is gone… 

I understand that media can’t touch on everything, but there is a a cycle going on here that needs to be broken. I remember when doing my research reading a case where this white man went missing and he showed up I believe 18 times total for the years he was missing. We aren’t even going to talk about Lil Rilya who wasn’t discovered missing until 2 years later due to the negligence of the foster agency she came from. While that is mainly the fault of the organization, after reviewing her presence in the news, she didn’t recieve hardly any coverage when her case was another serious one where the caregiver definitely showed issues. 

Rilya’s case was so similar to the Casey Anthony case, and we heard nothing. I tell ya, as I’m writing this article it breaks my heart. I know that the news is short, but there has to be a better way of getting the word out there on missing people from ALL backgrounds. 

I could go on and on but this has to stop…
If I’ve pissed you off, it’s probably because you know somewhere deep down inside this is just not right. I just had to share my frustration and passion with you and I hope you will spread the word. If the news aren’t going to show these missing individuals, we have to… We have to get the word out there and make it known that more children need to be shown. I will end with these questions?
Where is Aliyah Lunsford and Why haven’t we heard of her?  

Just something to think about.. That’s all I ask…

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