What Have I done?

28 Aug

I’ve let myself go.
I cut my hair off, and embraced it, but now second guessing it.
I’ve gained weight, and there is no one to blame but myself.
It’s almost like I stopped caring for a bit.
Now I’m feeling the side effects of it.
I’ve got to do better.
I don’t always eat properly.
Not that I overeat, or eat horribly, but sometimes I forget to eat
because I’m so busy.
I know, NOT GOOD.
I’ve Gotta get “me” back.
I don’t know where she is?
Did I leave her at work?
Did I leave her in the bed every morning?
Did I leave her somewhere else?
Or perhaps I never brought her with me when I moved?
Maybe I left her in Wilmington?
Or maybe, just maybe,
I left her far before then?
At times, I think I see her, but then those moments are gone.
It’s time to just do something.
Not just get frustrated and give up.
It’s time to have a lifestyle, not a diet.
It’s time to take control over the things I’ve
always had control over.
It’s time to get ME back.

Mrs. SPJ  

One Response to “What Have I done?”


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